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Welcome coffee and pastries

Moderator for the day: Niklas Jonason, CEO of CityGate and member of the INMA European Board, Sweden

Welcome to INMA's Digital Ideas Day: sharing ideas, inspiring change
Tom Corbett, INMA Europe Division Coordinator
Niklas Jonason, CEO of CityGate and member of the INMA European Board, Sweden

10:40 - 11:25
Session 1: Turning Big Data into Smart Data
  • KBC's Marketing analytics journey — Delivering value with data you already have.
    Learn from Belgian bank KBC about:
    • The convergence between business- and customer intelligence
    • The importance of change in the equation
    • Dreaming big ideas, but starting with small wins
    • and why we don't need scientists, but analysts.
    Patrick Glenisson, Manager Marketing Analytics, KBC, Belgium

  • Using Big Data to find out what women want.
    "What women want" is something that men have pondered over since the beginning of time. But unlike what many people may believe, it is not the Mad Men that are finding the answer — it's the Math Men.
    Using Big Data analytics, publishers can now gather insights into their own readers to predict what they want. Learn in this presentation how Tamedia (CH), Yomiuri (JP) and Addresseavisen (N) are getting to know their customers better through "big data".
    Thomas Lee, VP Sales, Cxense, United Kingdom

  • Real-time (print+ipad) advertising effectiveness analysis.
    Helsingin Sanomat measures their digipaper's usage in their iPad-application with analytics and uses this information to argument print ad effectiveness to advertisers. Print advertising has lacked the real-time effectiveness measurement online has, and even TV has, with different panel measurements.
    HS are able to measure, with a large enough user group, the attractiveness of the print ads, real-time, and to divide the results also by age, demography, geo-location etc. This is absolutely huge progress in print media.
    Anne Saloranta, Product Manager, Helsingin Sanomat / Sanoma Media Finland

  • Simplifying Big Data to engage your sales team and SMB clients.
    The infographic seems to have become a standard format in attempting to liven up a whole bunch of crunched numbers. Sadly often these crunched numbers are US centric or not really identifiable to a specific geography or vertical particularly in Europe.
    Trevor will share unique and real examples of how publishers are using empirical analysis of big SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) data for a specific geography and / or vertical to really engage with small business owners.
    Trevor Nadeau, Managing Director, BuzzBoard Europe, UK

11:25 - 12:10
Networking break: time to recharge the "mental batteries" and talk to presenters of Session 1.

12:10 - 12:55
Session 2: New content product development
  • The joy of data: Google tools for journalism.
    The best Google tools for journalists.
    Peter Barron, Director of Communications for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Google, London, UK

  • Kassel Live — feeding the people of Kassel with a constant news stream.
    Using free software and tools and 2 journalists, HNA created a continuous live news stream on what's happening in Kassel. Learn how this simple idea can bring in new revenues for local news brands.
    Jens Naehler, Head of HNA Online, Verlag Dierichs, Germany

  • Personal brands used to launch a new product.
    In October 2013 Gazeta Wyborcza launched a new multimedia editorial channel Money Extra based on a success of a personal brand of Gazeta's personal finance editor and his team. The channel consists of a print section, online website, a blog, a Facebook stream, a radio show, frequent TV appearances, live events, books. The new channel is supported by a strong advertising and massive on-going PR campaign.
    The way Gazeta works with its editors might be an inspiration to other news media companies looking for ways to monetize resources they have - including personal brands of journalists.
    Grzegorz Piechota, Head of Editorial Development, Agora/Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland

  • Ideas Day scoop: preview of DS Avond's smartphone edition.
    One year ago, the Flemisch quality newspaper De Standaard launched a digital evening edition, specifically designed for use on tablets. A relaxed tone of voice and an attractive graphical design are the main assets of dS Avond. Readers get an overview of the news of the day in 15 minutes. A smartphone edition was launched this week; with the same characteristics to a smaller screen, targetting everyone with a smartphone in the pocket.
    Johan Mortelmans, Digital Manager De Standaard, Mediahuis, Belgium

  • Bringing your content to mobile — now!
    Media companies not recognizing the exponential growth of mobile access to news content run the risk of being left behind. EidosMedia multi-channel solution, Méthode, provides many different ways for delivering content to tablets and smartphones, including an exclusive mix of the power of native apps with the benefits of responsive design, for unparalleled flexibility.
    Massimo Barsotti, Chief Marketing Officer, EidosMedia, Italy

12:55 - 13:45
Lunch: time to "recharge mind and body" and talk to presenters of sessions 1 and 2 over lunch

13:45 - 14:30
Session 3: Generating Digital Dollar$

  • How Archant is making good money from magazine and brand extension apps.
    Learn how Archant Magazines has produced hundreds of apps which make good money, and has been especially good at making big money from email newsletters.
    Miller Hogg, Managing Director, Archant Lifestyle, United Kingdom

  • Passion for winning with digital - the growth opportunity of building a digital agency within a local media group.
    Digital agencies represent the hottest growth opportunity for many local media companies. An important strategic step towards reaching our 2015 goal is our newest startup, our digital agency- RiktAd Digital (Targeted Digital). Our vision is to become the first choice for SMB on our local markets when it comes to products and services within Digital Marketing. Since 2012 we are proud to be one of Googles Premium Partners and our Google Adwords certified sales team is constantly expanding. Our goal is to offer local SMB a full service solution: Social Media, SEM, SEO, Conversion, Google Analytics, targeted display, RTB and website production.
    Anna Philipson, Head of Digital Marketing, NTM Media Group, Sweden

  • Adblock Plus: What's the impact and what can be done?
    AdBlock Plus and other adblocking software is damaging the media business and our industry's bottom line. Ad blockers make an increasingly difficult advertising market even harder to manage. Under the guise of delivering a better user experience, there are reports of multi-million dollar payments from companies ranging from Google to Amazon to eBay in order for their "Acceptable Ads" to get onto so-called for "White Lists". Some browsers allow this software. Some do not. Some countries have experimented with PR campaigns against ad blocking software with mixed results. What is the current situation from both a legal and technical perspective, and what (if anything) can be done? Is there a way to block the blockers?
    George Nimeh, Chief Digital Officer, Kurier, Austria

  • It's about digital, but digital is just part of the bigger picture: How the Irish Times drove traffic up 400% of its 'Food and Drink' section.
    Driving traffic up 400% by using all of Irish Times media assets: print, events, PR, social, video, digital and editorial. The Irish Times also monetised this extra traffic in clever ways.
    Viv Maher, Head of Online, The Irish Times, Ireland

14:30 - 15:15
Networking break: time to recharge "mental batteries" and talk to presenters of Session 3

15:15 - 16:00
Session 4: Generating Digital Dollar$; part 2
  • VOL.AT — the database of the region.
    Vorarlberg Online (VOL.AT) is Austrias largest regional newsportal, although it is only made for the second smallest state of Vorarlberg.
    VOL.AT's new mobile app and webversion, launched in November 2013, was to become a tool that make life in the Vorarlberg region easier. A "Digital Swiss Army Knife" for Vorarlbergers.
    A whole array of regional data driven live service channels to the app that initially only carried news.
    Gerold Riedmann, CEO, Russmedia Digital, Austria

  • Paid Content Business Models in the Danish Media Market.
    This presentation will give an overview of the different business models implemented by 3 different Danish newspapers and the results two years after the successful introduction of digital subscriptions across the Danish industry.
    Steffen Damborg, Director JP Politikens Hus, Denmark

  • The reader and the paywall.
    Gazeta Wyborcza changed its paywall strategy on 4 February. Here why and what the new strategy is about. Learn about the new user experience, how it affected the publisher, the editors and Agora's goals.
    Maciej Nowak, Business Development Director, Agora, Poland

  • What can you learn from a Photo Contest?
    The Irish Times re-positioned their old school photography competition as The Irish Times Amateur Photographer of the Year — an online, in-print, and physical experience. Photographers entered 8,000 photographs and paid €20,000 in entrance fees. The photographs entered generated 50,000 unique's for the Awards website.
    How do you turn advertisers into sponsors?
    Paul Geraghty, CEO Picturk, Ireland

  • Dagbladet: LEGO built on its history for mobile campaign with gamification of an ad.
    Dagbladet created an HTML5 gamification ad that is based on playing with LEGO Chima and LEGO Friends characters as well as teaching the readers about the product in a playful way.
    The campaign was run only on mobile and tablet, and was a pure competition with three questions inviting the participant to enter to win LEGO products valued US$1,600.
    Dagbladet tracked all the interactions in the ads. After running the campaign for three weeks, they had gathered enough data to create a very exciting report how Dagbladet readers interacted and got involved with the LEGO brand in an ad on mobile and tablet.
    Fredrik Petterson, Rich media specialist, DBMedialab / Dagbladet, Norway

16:00 - 16:45
Relax and enjoy a post-seminar networking drink whilst talking to the presenters of session 4 and fellow participants of the Digital Ideas Day.

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