INMA Ideas Day on Advertising 2014

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Participants are welcome on the day as of 10:00. The first session will start at 10:30 sharp. The planned finish of the day is around 16:00.

Welcome coffee and pastries

10:30 - 11:15
Session 1: winning back [the trust of] lost advertisers
  • European advertising market challenge
    An overview of the challenge to European-wide advertising and a call to action!
    Trude Margel, Margel Media Management, Norway
    Vice-President of INMA European Board and Chairwoman of the INMA Advertising Experts Group

  • How US newspapers are reuniting with local advertisers
    The Orange Country Register, The Boston Globe and The Dallas Morning News have all launched special initiatives to reunite their local advertisers. You'll hear more about these from Barbara in this presentation.
    Barbara Cohen, President Kannon Consulting, Chicago, USA

  • Re-tailor-made
    How Germany's biggest discount retailer ALDI came back to newspaper advertising after three years of absence.
    Sven Ernst, Head of Creative Unit, Axel Springer, Germany

  • Advertising should be complimentary!
    Participants from the 2012 INMA Advertising Seminar in Berlin might recall a presentation about a radically different advertising business model. This Brainsnack Presentation is a update on the successful progress made by Mediekompaniet since then!
    A truly dynamic business modell and an in-depth five year collaboration between an e-business wine merchant and local media houses. Get a glimpse of the leapfrog evolution that is happening in the field of business modeling within our industry.
    Anders Sjösten, CEO, Mediekompaniet, Sweden

  • Simplifying Big Data to engage your sales team and SMB clients.
    The infographic seems to have become a standard format in attempting to liven up a whole bunch of crunched numbers. Sadly often these crunched numbers are US centric or not really identifiable to a specific geography or vertical particularly in Europe. Trevor will share unique and real examples of how publishers are using empirical analysis of big SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) data for a specific geography and/or vertical to really engage with small business owners.
    Trevor Nadeau, Managing Director, BuzzBoard Europe, UK

11:15 - 11:55
Networking break: time to recharge batteries and talk to presenters of Session 1.

11:55 - 12:30
Session 2: Research that helps you drive advertising revenue

  • Newspapers Drive Purchase Decisions
    Newspapers Canada (the national association) will share purchase funnel research demonstrating that newspapers are a key source for consumers across the purchase cycle for shopping information. Three cases (local retail, car and packaged goods) prove the point with impressive results - clearly newspaper ads drive sales.
    Suzanne Raitt, VP Innovation & Marketing, Newspapers Canada, Canada

  • How many of your readers act on an ad they see in print?
    The Irish Times shows a major grocery retailer the success of their ad: a week after the appeared in print, Irish Times chased up readers to find out how many actually bought something. This case study shows you how they did it.
    Irene Fogarty, Research Director, Irish Times, Ireland

  • What do women want?
    "What women want" is something that men have pondered over since the beginning of time. But unlike what many people may believe, it is not the Mad Men that are finding the answer — it's the Math Men. Learn in this presentation how Tamedia (CH), Yomiuri (JP) and Addresseavisen (N) are getting to know their customers better through "big data". Publishers can act upon this audience insight using targeted advertising, personalised content recommendations and multi-channel marketing campaigns to increase ad revenue, attract paying subscribers and engage readers.
    Tore Frihagen, Senior Vice President and GM EMEA, Cxense, UK
12:30 - 13:30
Lunch: time to recharge mind and body and talk to presenters of sessions 1 and 2.

13:30 - 14:15
Session 3: Creative ideas to drive advertising revenue
  • KBC — Gap in the Market — a truly integrated newsbrand campaign
    KBC, one of the major financial institutions in Belgium, wanted to challenge the local entrepreneurial spirit in Flanders. Together with our creative department and their creative agency (tbwa) KBC developed 'Gap in the Market'. The campaign scored exceptionally well.
    Gunther Ponnet, Sales Manager Print & Special Projects, Mediahuis, Belgium

  • Winning a new advertiser and triple yearly budget just by using a 360 degree aproach
    Having traditional a mostly male readership, news media brand Vecernji list has attracted Nivea to promote new female product and to triple yearly budget only by using a 360 degree approach and right research figures for product target group. Nivea was not a client of Vecernji List before either.
    Petra Ivicevic-Bakulic, Media Solutions Sales Director, Vecernji List, Styria Media, Croatia

  • YES, native advertising can outperform data
    Learn from 20Minutes how a native publishing strategy could beat a data driven display campaign in term of click through rate.
    Laurent Bainier, Editor-in-Chief, 20Minutes, France

  • Pop Up Advertising! Supporting a loyal advertiser in tough times by being creative
    The car industry is one of the three biggest advertisers for De Persgroep; but times are difficult for this industry. To support the industry de Persgroep published the biggest car magazine ever, in audience reach, right before the biggest anual car fair in Belgium. An extra advertising platform to maximize the advantage of content advertising, brand visibility and audience maximization.
    A great revenue driver for de Persgroep and much appreciated by their advertising partners, by Febiac (association of car manufactures in Belgium) and to our reading audience.
    Liesbeth Joos, Product Manager, de Persgroep Advertising
    Arnout Van Damme, Research Manager, de Persgroep, Belgium

  • 24sata building a "low energy house"
    24 sata as media brand supported a private investor together with 20 partners to build a low energy house. The whole building project is presented online as 3D simulation and education for readers (step by step building, why "low energy" building, what it means for future...). At the same time, the project is supported in print with monthly educational advertorials. Both online and in print, partners are integrated with their products/branding/PR during the whole project.
    Stella Tomasovic, Media Solutions Sales Specialist, 24sata, Croatia

  • Why publishers should embrace diversification and stop focusing only on advertising. Case study: Le Monde Festival.
    In times where traditional sources of income are declining, publishers can't rely only on advertising or sales anymore.
    Next September, Le Monde is launching a unique kind of event called Le Monde Festival, as part of its diversification program.
    Discover how the editorial teams and the advertising department of Le Monde teamed up to build a modern and innovative way to celebrate the newspaper 70th anniversary.
    Sylvain Paley, Strategic Planner, M Publicité (Groupe Le Monde), France
14:15 - 14:50
Networking break: time to recharge batteries and talk to presenters of Session 3

14:50 - 15:35
Session 4: Turning Digital cents into Euros
  • How a social media tool can increase your traffic's website and your advertising inventory
    Grégory Vandenschrick, COO S2Media, Rossel, Belgium

  • Amedia raises advertiser's brand awareness with school competition
    When faced with an advertiser that had an awareness problem, Amedia looked closely at the problem and came up with "Carpenter's Champions campaign". This contest for local schools significantly increased Carlsen Fritzøe's brand awareness.
    Ben Christensen, Vice President Digital & Classified Media, Amedia, Norway

  • Proxistore: geo-targeted advertising
    A new player for local advertisers on national news websites based on geo-targeting. A win-win for publishers and SMBs. Red herring 100 global award winner.
    Inge de Baets, COO Proxistore, Roularta, Belgium

  • MSO Marketplace - marketplace opportunity on eCom
    MSO is 3rd party marketplace for various e-retailers in the market. It enlarges our co-operation within e-commerce players by mashing up publisher audience as buying audience in order to create new business for publishers and our clients.
    Mikko Ketola, Director eCom business, Sanoma Digital, Finland

  • How to make web-TV profitable
    Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet launched "Ekstra Bladet TV" 2 years ago and made it an instant profitable platform by creating huge inventory, in-house and through external partners.
    Claus Ohrt, Sales Manager, Ekstra Bladet, Denmark

  • Interactive paper for advertisers
    AR edition of the Daily Telegraph, highlighting digital ad versions of print ads. Brings print to digital and vice versa.
    Printed a just-for-advertisers worth +£500K extra revenue.
    Mark Challinor, volunteer Vice-President of INMA, London, UK

15:35 - 16:15
Post-Ideas Day drinks
Time to relax after a busy day with a drink and talk to the presenters of Session 4.

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