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Ideas Day on Advertising has 60 participants and 24 cases on the programme. (update on 7 March)

Welcome coffee and pastries

10:30 - 11:30
Session 1: Creative revenue-driving ideas
  1. Made in Limburg: building community, building revenue.
    "The Made in ..."-concept is a multimedia community building platform. Activating the B2B-communities in a regional market and providing them with news, information, ideas and networking possibilities. The strength of this concept is the focus on a specific determined market. The revenue is generated through partnerships and through targeted advertising.
    Koen van Parijs, Assistant to the Board, Concentra Media, Belgium
  2. Tailor-made events means new money from non-print advertisers
    A concept in which a publishing house is targeting a chosen group of non-print advertisers. Creating tailor-made events for targeted advertisers supported with strong print campaign has tripple WIN result.
    Petra Ivicevic-Bakulic, Sales and Advertising Director, Vecernji List, Croatia
  3. Case Effective activation marketing
    This case is an example how to integrate a mix of communication products in a creative platform to activate a large group of consumer succesfully for a brand, brandvalue or product. (Multimediale case).
    Gerrit Verschoor, Sales Manager National Advertising, Wegener Nieuwsmedia, The Netherlands
  4. Grow a pair!
    After last year's success of the plantable cover, the green energy supplier Lampiris wanted to have a new collaboration, with an even bigger impact. Magazine Humo came up with a true multi media campaign using print ad, online home takeover, video, audio, facebook and twitter. IF you adapt your message to the tone of voice of the medium, the impact is way higher.
    Bram Vandenbroeck, Advertising Expert, Humo, Belgium
  5. Around the World in 30 days
    Securing 30 campaigns from new clients in 30 days
    Donna Harvey-Arnell, Advertising Director, Archant, UK
  6. The most creative advertisers of the newspaper De Standaard
    Manu Naert, Marketing manager, De Standaard, Corelio, Belgium
  7. Aftenposten digital campaign boosts revenue for fashion retail chain
    With strong belief in the ability to meet the customer's target groups and the effect of proper use and optimization of display ads in a relevant editorial environment, Aftenposten's local newspaper managed to increase offline retail sales with over 10 % for one of the biggest fashion retail chains in Scandinavia.
    Christian Thu, Digital Product Manager, Aftenposten, Norway

11:30 - 12:15
Networking break: time to recharge batteries and talk to presenters of Session 1.

Session 2: Research-based cases that will help you boost your advertising revenue
  1. Engagement beyond the click.
    The Irish Times questions Click Through Rate as a cogent measure of audience response to online ads. Their research shows how readers engage and act on online advertising "beyond the click", allowing them to present to the client a holistic picture of audience recall and action outside of CTR metrics.
    Irene Fogarty, Research and Customer Insight, The Irish Times, Ireland
  2. By optimising page layout and ad shape the advertiser can count on 25% more ROI!
    However, do these learnings apply for online display advertising too? Are online display ads even noticed with our so-called banner blindness? A study done by Validators for Cebuco has answered those questions.
    Erik Grimm, Research Director, Cebuco, NDP Nieuwsmedia, The Netherlands
  3. Turning a report into a brand
    In 2011 and 2012 Mediekompaniet conducted studies about the positions of brands aiming to find out if the brand awareness is different depending on where you live in Sweden. The conclusion to the advertisers is that it is very important to be aware of how your companys brand is thought of also outside the big cities in Sweden. The study resulted in several more, better and deeper discussions together with the customers and media-agencys about brand strategys and layout and less about discounts.
    Heléne Werner, Research Manager, Mediekompaniet, Sweden
Session 3: monetizing mobile
  1. Stempl is replacing traditional loyalty cards and coupons with one mobile app.
    Stempl is a product designed to build transactions between the consumer and the store. It increases buyer frequency and store loyalty. The results are extra revenue for aMedia, better customer loyalty and better customer-knowledge for the advertiser.
    Gøran Hauptmann, Manager New Business, Amedia, Norway
Lunch: time to recharge mind and body and talk to presenters of sessions 1, 2 and 3.

14:00 - 15:00
Session 4
  1. How advertisers benefit from newspapers' credibility for integrated marketing.
    Brands, brands, brands
    Sven Ernst, Head of Creative Unit, Axel Springer, Germany
  2. Generating traffic: A brand new way of communicating in print and web of daily brands
    Sandrine Mettetal, Marketing Director, Com Quotidien, France
  3. Audience Square, a consortium of the 10 biggest French media groups
    With the observation that strong programmatic buying will represent a significant portion of their advertising revenue, these media groups decided to create Audience Square to write together a new chapter in digital advertising.
    Alexis Marcombe, CEO of Audience Square, France
  4. Real Time Bidding
    An increasing share of the market for digital advertising might be sold and purchased via RTB (Real Time Bidding) platforms. Learn more about how these new marketplaces work, what the role of media companies will be as well as how to get started and what the upside of RTB is?
    Peter Strøhemann, Head of Digital, Ekstra Bladet, Denmark
  5. Multimedia case by Corelio Publishing group for Bacardi
    Mark Daemen, Head of product management Corelio Connect, Corelio, Belgium
  6. 6 things you can miss while reading a newspaper
    In the summer of 2012 all Belgian newspaper publishers decided to create a common marketing platform to promote newspapers: Newspaperswork. Representing 12 Belgian newspapers, we want to show that newspapers are still an effective and attractive advertising medium.
    Max Brouns, Marketing Officer, Newspaperswork, Belgium
15:00 - 15:40
Networking break: time to recharge batteries and talk to presenters of Session 4.

15:40 - 16:40
Session 5
  1. Understanding Digital Audience Profiles
    Through a case study from The Philadelphia Inquirer in the United States, we will look at the value of knowing more about your digital audiences. Help translate data into actual reach, demographics and behavioral actions concerning advertising in the digital world. Combine the digital knowledge with print to demonstrate full audience for cross media campaigns.
    Bob Busch, Chief Marketing Officer, RAM, Research and Analysis of Media
  2. Using Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions to identify your advertiser's key audience
    Trude Margel, Commercial Director, Amedia, Norway
  3. Eye-catcher advertising, different ad-recovery, different eye-paths.
    A survey-review shows what the real impact is of the central position of one ad-insert. There is an accurate calculation of the impact in the case of the same advertising - but different placement on the same page. Survey carried out with personal interviews expanded with eye-tracking tools. There were measuring finance, FMCG and healthcare entities.
    Andras Math, Research Director, Ringier, Hungary
  4. How to attract a new advertiser with market research and creating a new POS in the process too.
    Eamon Fitzpatrick, Advertising Sales Director, The Irish Times, Ireland
  5. Interactive Magazines
    A printed magazine, with a digital format, that increased revenue for Independent Newspapers. Brought value to our clients. Delivered reader engagement.
    Jo Collins, Group Advertisement Sales Manager, Independent Newspapers, Ireland
  6. Bandwagon: a music download service in competition with Spotify
    Attracting and engaging with a younger audience with a music streaming service.
    Jørn Korbi, Head of B2C Development & Alliances, Amedia, Norway

End of sessions
Networking drinks

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