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Pre-Conference Seminar
Wednesday, 23 October

15:30 - 18:00
Axel Springer Executive Briefing at Axel Springer HQ.

Executive Briefing sold out. There are still places available for the conference on Thursday and Friday.

Delegates hear the inside story of Axel Springer's "Paid-Content Strategy". How Axel Springer is charging customers (readers and advertisers) for their content on all platforms. Be it on line, on mobile, on tablets and in print. Programme in detail below.
    Axel Springers strategy in the digital age
    Jan Bayer, Board Member, Axel Springer

    Paid-content initiative of Axel Springer and the results of this paradigm change
    Romanus Otte, General Manager, Die Welt Online (, Axel Springer

    Visit to the brand new newsroom of Die Welt Group.
    This newsroom will open on Monday, 21 October. Delegates of this Axel Springer Executive Briefing for INMA will be among the first to visit this brand new newsroom.
    Visit lead by Jan-Eric Peters, Editor-in-chief, Welt Group
(The pre-conference Axel Springer Executive Briefing is limited in number of places. Places are reserved on a first come, first serve basis; so register early to reserve your seat. It is also exclusively for "INMA members" and for news media executives only.)

Opening Reception to the INMA European Conference 2013
Wednesday, 23 October

Opening Reception hosted by and at DPA (German Press Agency).
Drinks and finger food served at reception. List of restaurants provided by Berliner Morgenpost for delegates to enjoy after the Opening Reception.

20:00 - 21:00
Guided tour through Berlin from DPA to Potsdammer Platz offered by the City of Berlin.
Max. 150 participants

Participants enjoy a night out in Berlin after the Opening Reception. A list of the best Berlin restaurants will be provided by local newspaper Berliner Morgenpost.

Sharing Ideas, Share This Programme through

24-25 October

at Grand Hyatt Berlin Hotel.

Overall Conference Chairman:
Robert Whitehead, INMA International board member and news media expert, Australia
Wise man:
Niklas Jonason, Managing Director, CityGate, Sweden

Thursday, 24 October
Carsten Erdmann, Chief-Editor, Berliner Morgenpost, Germany
Grzegorz Piechota, INMA European Board President & News Editor, Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland

Generating Advertising Revenue

Steering brands through the digital shift
No comparable phenomenon in the past has had such a profound and sustainable impact on the relationship between brand and customer than the digital shift. Understanding and managing the traditional media from a brand perspective is generally understood but the digital shift completely changes the marketing agenda. Jochen Volkers' presentation offers an alternative perspective looking on the parallels between consumer brands and media brands in the digital context.
Jochen Volkers, Managing Director, Pilot Agency, Hamburg, Germany

Digital Transformation: Schibsted's massive, global investment in and very rapid buildup of Advanced Data Analytics
Frode Eilertsen, Executive VP for Strategy and Digital Transformation, Schibsted

The Editorial Age: the opportunities of branded content
As brands embrace quality journalism, craving attention and credibility, can we still trust our media? Ebele investigates the bustling intersection of journalism and advertising at the dawning of "the Editorial Age".
Ebele Wybenga, Journalist, Amsterdam

100 Second Pitches
  • Newscycle Solutions
  • RAM
  • Cxense

Networking break

Generating Reader Revenue: Digital Subscriptions

Around the world best practises of paid-content strategies
  1. Paid-content Strategy of the NYT
    Yasmin Namini, Senior Vice President, Chief Consumer Officer, NY Times, USA
  2. The launch of paywalls at Fædrelandsvennen
    Christian Stavik, News editor, Fædrelandsvennen, Norway
  3. TB+ of Tønsbergs Blad
    Håkon Borud, Editor-in-chief, Drammens Tidende, Norway
  4. Le Monde Interactive
    Isabelle André, CEO Le Monde Interactif, Paris
Panel discussion with the audience
How will pay-walls grow readership, retain loyalty and augment advertising revenue in the time ahead?

Brainsnack Presentations on Digital
  • EKSTRA — Denmark's largest newspaper site freemium model
    Astrid Jørgensen, Head of Commercial — Digital Subscriptions
  • Digital innovation in small to midsize markets
    How small and midsize media companies can innovate and succeed without having massive markets and corresponding budgets to rely on. This presentation will demonstrate that via careful planning, clever partnerships, focused innovation and smart technology, it is possible to create a healthy, diverse and growing digital revenue stream.
    George Nimeh, Chief Digital Officer, Kurier, Austria
  • How can a publisher benefit from RTB, what to do and what not do as a publisher in Real Time Bidding?
    Dansk Udgivernetværk (or the Danish Publisher Network, DPN), is an alliance of Jyllands-Posten, Ekstra Bladet, Politiken, Eniro, Nordjyske, Bilzonen and Borsen - five media companies partnering to offer their online inventory and audience data to agency trading desks through real-time bidding.
    Martin Jensen, Head of Danish Publisher Network, Danish Publisher Network, Denmark
  • Entering a new world: The live video coverage of events
    Harold Grönke, Managing Director, Verlag Dierichs, Germany
Q&A with Brainsnack Presenters

100 Second Pitches
  • PPI
  • EidosMedia
  • Picturk

Revenue Opportunities from Video for Publishers

The road map to video development and monetisation
Jo Christian Oterhals, Publisher VGTV, Schibsted

Where's the Money on Mobile?

Making money on mobile IS possible - 6 creative examples of mobile ad formats that work.
Henning Feltstykket, Productmanager Mobile & Tablet, Dagbladet Norway

Standard mobile ad formats from IAB
Harry Robinson, Agency Sales Director, IAB Europe

Debate and Q&A

We've Got A Web for That. The case for HTML5 and Responsive Design.
Graham Hinchly, Engineering Manager, FT Labs, UK

Is there a middle ground between native apps and the web?
Peter Soetens, Manager Digital Development Corelio, Belgium

Debate and Q&A

Innovative Brainsnack Presentations (7 minutes each)
  • How Archant is making good money from magazine and brand extension apps.
    Learn how Archant Magazines has produced hundreds of apps which make good money, and has been especially good at making big money from email newsletters.
    Miller Hogg, Managing Director, Archant Lifestyle, UK
  • The coming of a true new ad medium
    Using gaming industry know-how for profitable mobile native advertising
    Jaanus Lillenberg, Development and Marketing Director, Postimees, Estonia
  • Getting lean, shredding the corporate pounds
    From corporate innovation to lean start up business is a serious pivot! 20 years of working experience in different industries, numerous new products & services launched... but nothing compares to the lean start up innovation. Discover the learnings from Sanoma's Internal Venture BeautyTale, the app that helps women choose the right beauty products.
    Fabienne Martens, Sanoma, Belgium
Q&A with Brainsnack Presenters

100 Second Pitches
  • Deutsche Post
End of Day 1

Conference Dinner at the "Museum für Kommunikation Berlin" (Museum of Communication). Dinner offered to all conference delegates by Deutsche Post.

Friday, 25 October

INMA Clinic

09:00 — 11:00
In the INMA Clinic session, a real European newspaper company is presented anonymously to the public with all it's facts and figures. Then 5 specialists, each in their own field, give their view and suggestions on how to turn this newspaper into a modern, healthy news media company.

The Experts
  • Strategy: Ricard Robbstål, CEO Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden
  • Advertising: Kirk Mcdonald, Executive VP, Digital First Media
  • Big Data (Analyses and Data-mining): Dirk Van den Poel, University of Ghent
  • Marketing: Olivier Bonsart. Directeur Délégue Ouest-France and CEO of 20Minutes, France
Networking Break

100 Second Pitches
  • INMA Ideas Days
INMA Media Research Committee: European-wide Reader Panel Survey:
Trust & Value of Newspapers
— supported by RAM: Research and Analyses of Media
Irene Fogarty, member of the INMA Media Research Committee and Research Manager, Irish Times, Ireland
Bob Busch, CMO, RAM, USA

Brainsnack Presentations (7 minutes each): Attracting The Young
  • NRC·Next
    How to add 75.000 valuable subscribers by adding just 25 young journalists
    Hans Nijenhuis, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, NRC Handelsblad and NRC Next
  • Die Welt·Kompakt
    Matthias Leonhard, Senior Editor, DIE WELT Kompakt

Innovations in Print

The Times of India's keeps on innovating in print
Whilst Europe focusses mostly on the digital, you might not have enough time to look at what's new in print. Here's my story of The Times of India's recent print innovations.
Ravi Dhariwal, CEO, Times of India (world's largest English-language newspaper)

Monetizing Print — Yes there are still opportunities
While traditional advertising in newspapers remains under intense pressure, there are still opportunities to generate new print revenues. Sandy will share a number of print opportunities that may be applicable to your market.
Sandy MacLeod, VP Consumer Marketing & Strategy, The Toronto Star, Canada

Future of printmedia : digital print? The Halewijn case. A weekly with 300'000 copies, 480 local editions and personalised copies. Digital printing at its best?
Rudy van Halle, INMA volunteer, Belgium

Forming alliances
  • The National — grouping all UK regional newspapers together
    Steve Aucklant, CEO Local World, UK
  • The Quality Alliance — grouping FAZ, Handelsblatt, Die Zeit and Süddeutsche Zeitung
    Tobias Trevisan, Geschäftsführer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

News media outlook 2014

News media Outlook 2014
Earl Wilkinson, CEO INMA

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