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The programme will be updated regularly and is subject to change. Last update: October 29.

Wednesday, October 31

Registration and Coffee

Theme: Welcome and Overview

>> Ravi Dhariwal, CEO, Times of India, and President, INMA Worldwide
>> Sanjay Gupta, CEO, Dainik Jagran, and President, INMA South Asia

India and the West: Digital's Integration to News Companies
India remains a bastion of print dominance. Yet the wave of digital Internet — via smartphones, tablets, and computers — has begun to influence the way Indian audiences consume news and advertisers reach audiences. Where are the opportunities for traditional print publishers? What lessons can be learned from Western experiences (good and bad)? What are the frameworks for strategic consideration by Indian publishers?
>> Earl Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, INMA

Introduction and Perspective
In an introduction to the Digital Innovation Summit, we will look at segmentation and the shift from a focus on profile and demographics for newsmedia to the lost art of storytelling. We also will look at the change in paying for what happened to paying for why and what it means.
>> Mukund Mohan, Summit Moderator, and Director, CEO in Residence, Microsoft Accelerator at Microsoft

Theme: Paid Content

How The New York Times Launched Digital Subscriptions
Learn more about the planning, implementation and marketing of digital subscriptions at The New York Times, a strategic business decision that has contributed to The Times's financial well-being and enhanced its ability to provide high-quality journalism to readers across the world on a variety of platforms.
>> Yasmin Namini, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Circulation, and General Manager, Reader Applications, The New York Times, United States


Theme: Mobile Opportunities

Preparing for Biggest Mobile Year for News Publishers In History
The media industry has so far been relatively poor at monetizing the mobile space as we seek to secure our digital futures. Learn how the United Kingdom's Telegraph Media Group is focusing on to provide future mobile monies.
>> Mark Challinor, Director of Mobile Platforms, Telegraph Media Group, London, United Kingdom

ABP Mobile Strategy for Non-Resident Bengalis
The ABP mobile strategy has been developed for non-resident Bengalis (NRBs) living outside of India. NRBs particularly crave news and entertainment, and they want to be culturally associated with Bengal. ABP's mobile app has been designed to cater to these requirements of the target audience.
>> Vasant Gokhale, Head, Mobile Services, ABP Pvt. Ltd., India

Moderated Discussion: Mobile Opportunities
How do the Telegraph Media Group and ABP stories of mobile engagement mesh with Indian newspaper peers?

Theme: Social Media Engagement

Rebels with a Cause: the Future of Journalism and Communities in the Digital Age
Poland's Gazeta Wyborcza has become one of Europe's innovators, transforming itself from a simple print newspaper to a collection of print and online digital communities in an aspirational market with similarities to India. Learn some of the best practices in engaging communities via print, online and mobile, and how journalism practice needs to change in the Digital Age.
>> Grzegorz Piechota, News Editor, Gazeta Wyborcza, Warsaw, Poland

Dainik Jagran Strategy To Build Local Language Communities Via Facebook
Dainik Jagran's Facebook page has grown at a phenomenal pace in the last six months reaching to 350,000 fans. Our fan page is also one of the most active Indian media communities on the Web. In this presentation, learn about Dainik Jagran's Facebook growth and its strategy to develop an active and engaged local language community.
>> Bharat Gupta, Executive President - Marketing, Jagran Prakashan Limited, India

Moderated Discussion: Social Media Engagement
How do the Gazeta Wyborcza and Dainik Jagran stories of social media engagement mesh with Indian newspaper peers?


Theme: Digital Strategy and Best Practices

Schibsted: The New Model for Media Companies
The last decade was a period of transformation for Schibsted, which went from a newspaper company to a multi-media company. Today, more than half of the company's profits come from digital, notably investments in online classified operations throughout Europe. Discover in this presentation what Schibsted did to become the gold standard for multi-platform businesses in transformation — from partnering with competitors to re-thinking consumer behaviour.
>> Eivind Thomsen, Senior Vice President, Schibsted, Oslo, Norway

Engagement, Rewards and Responding to Consumer Tastes: Times of India Digital Story
The Times of India continues to launch new digital initiatives to meet the growing use of the Web via computer, tablet and smartphone. Learn more about the Times Rewards programme, which provides points and badges for user activity; Mytimes, an integrated social graph of what users are doing; how to use humour on; and other initiatives soon to be announced.
>> Puneet Gupt, Vice President and Head of, India

Moderated Discussion: Digital Strategy and Best Practices
Where are the synergies and differences for Indian publishers with digital business models and corporate strategies?


Theme: Where Digital Fits with Print

Print + Digital: Integrated Multi-Media Strategies
Most publishers own multiple media. Yet not enough publishers have integrated multi-media — print + digital — like Axel Springer in Germany. In this case study presentation, learn how digital fits smartly with print.
>> Pit Gottschalk, Director Content Management, Axel Springer, Berlin, Germany

Where Digital Solutions Fit In the Multi-Media Advertising Mix
Folha de S. Paulo has been a global innovator in creative print advertising solutions — a distinction being transferred today to the digital space. Learn how this Brazilian news company sells print + digital and where digital positioned in the mind of the advertiser.
>> Marcelo Benez, Advertising Director, Folha de S. Paulo, Brazil

Moderated Discussion: Where Digital Fits with Print
Where does digital fit in the Indian newspaper? Are print and digital integrated, or should they remain separated? What value do advertisers place on digital in the advertising mix? To what degree are advertisers asking for digital from news publishers? Join our speakers plus a panel of Indian executives.

After a day of diverse discussions of opportunities in digital for newspapers, where are the opportunities for Indian publishers? What business models work best? Where should investments be made now versus later? Where is the money?
>> Mukund Mohan, Summit Moderator, and Director, CEO in Residence, Microsoft Accelerator at Microsoft

Theme: Summary and Conclusions

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