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Innovative Advertising Seminar - Miami, Florida Understanding the importance of strategic digital transformation is key to achieving success in the newsmedia industry. And investing in a new digital business model is exactly where companies should center their focus.

The INMA Innovative Advertising Seminar February 16-17 in Miami will focus heavily on how to generate high digital revenue growth while maintaining relevance in the industry and your own market.

Under the theme “Digital Transformation 2.0,” you will hear success stories on innovative advertising solutions from individuals both inside and outside the newsmedia industry.

Key topics INMA will cover:

  • Innovative advertising units that work. 
  • Advertising ideas for Generation Y, told by those that know best.
  • Monetizing mobile in a digital portfolio.
  • An explanation from digital ad networks on the fastest growing segment of the digital revenue line.
  • Why must print be dropped from the integrated model?
The INMA Innovative Advertising Seminar promises to be a high-value and time-efficient event, while offering a retreat to sunny and warm Miami during the cold winter months.

This seminar is presented as a package, yet day rates also are available.

Join us in Miami!

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