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Meet the INMA Mobile Publishing Committee

Mark Challinor Mark Challinor
Director of Mobile
Telegraph Media Group
London, United Kingdom

Dirk Barmscheidt Dirk Barmscheidt
Managing Director
Berlin, Germany

Frédéric Filloux Frédéric Filloux
Monday note
Paris, France

Jan Lauren Jan Lauren
Mobile Business Director
Adeprimo (Stampen Group)
Ostersund, Sweden

Peter Scheir Peter Scheir
Manager Digital Ventures Unit
Styria Media Group

Caspar Van Rhijn Caspar Van Rhijn
Director of Innovation
Corelio Publishing
Brussels, Belgium

Carsten Worsøe Carsten Worsøe
Cross Media Manager
Nordjyske medier
Aalberg, Denmark

The numbers are staggering:

  • Total shipments in the tablet market in the third quarter of 2011 rose 23.9% quarter-on-quarter to 18.1m units. The forecast suggests in the fourth quarter Apple will ship just under 14m tablets, nearly double the 7.3m it sold in the same period in 2010, and Android tablets a total of 9.5m (source:
  • More than US$3.5 billion of payments will occur on mobile devices via PayPal in 2011.
  • Barclays predicts in the next five years m-commerce will grow by 55%. In comparison, online sales will grow by 8% and in-store sales 1.6%.
  • 1.08 billion smartphones in the world (27% of all mobile phones).
  • ...

Need more proof you need to get yourself up to speed with the latest in Mobile?

Mobile publishing isn't the future any more. It's here today and here to stay. Understanding the importance of mobile publishing is key to achieving success in the newsmedia industry today.

Investing in new digital revenue streams is critical to newsmedia companies long-term success.

The INMA Mobile Masterclass on January 26-27 in London will teach you everything you always needed to know about mobile publishing via iPad, smartphones, and more.

Our team of mobile experts — a group of INMA volunteers who are mobile experts and working within the newsmedia industry — will bring you up to speed on the latest possibilities. This Masterclass will be under the guidance of Mark Challinor, director of mobile at the Telegraph Media Group in London and host of this INMA Mobile Masterclass.

Join the dinner the evening before to extend your address book and learn from colleagues.

Key topics this INMA workshop will cover:

  • Collecting data and generating revenue on the mobile
  • QR, Blippar, Augmented Reality: hype or potential for publishers?
  • HTML5 from a marketing perspective: Can HTML5 save you money? Cut out Apple network and others? Open doors?
  • HTML5 from a developer's perspective
  • Digital subscriptions
  • Using mobile to spur single-copy sales
  • Social media and the mobile world

The INMA Mobile Masterclass promises to be a high-value and time-efficient workshop. A one-day event in the centre of London with a packed agenda, learning from the experts.

Register now here.

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