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Technology is re-wiring media consumption habits faster than news publishers can coalesce around business models. Strategic planning has shrunk to a two- to three-year window, beyond which prognostications are pointless.

INMA can help.

Why INMA World Congress is different

Tired of the same old programmes, faces, and themes? Try the INMA World Congress in New York 2011:

Cutting-edge programme

Focus on newsmedia, not newspaper

Intense market focus

Revenue, revenue, revenue

Global mix of attendees

Focused on new models, not old

Fresh approach to programming

New peers to discover

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The 81st Annual INMA World Congress May 15-17, 2011, in New York will operate under the bold and urgent theme of:

Vision. Innovation. Now!

INMA aims provide a vibrant platform from which to plan your newsmedia company's audience, advertising, and brand growth strategies through 2014. The conference represents a mix of practical strategies and case study-based best practices from the world's leading media companies.

Special programming emphasis will be on:

  • The practicalities of transitioning to a digital business model.

  • How to engage audiences across platforms for maximum revenue.

  • The unique roles of print, Web sites, and apps for readers and advertisers.

The INMA New York conference offers world-class programming for executives looking horizontally across their companies:

  • CEOs
  • Publishers and managing directors
  • General managers
  • Editors
  • Marketing executives
  • Audience executives
  • Advertising executives
  • Business development executives
  • Strategists
  • Researchers

The 400+ executives from the world's leading newsmedia companies will gather in 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers located in the center of Manhattan's Midtown district.

The INMA World Congress is the association's premier event: a global conference programme for a global audience.

Mark your calendar and plan to attend this timely, value-laden conference. Take home ideas to apply immediately and concepts to guide your company in the years ahead.

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