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INMA is pleased to present a just-in-time seminar looking at how publishers can encourage loyalty, reward loyalty and maximise revenue from loyal readers in print and online. That is the focus of this one-day INMA seminar titled “Incremental Value, Incremental Revenue: The New Tools To Deepen Reader Loyalty” at London Park Inn Heathrow hotel.

In this intense, value-packed workshop, INMA will offer a closer look at new marketing strategies and tactics taken by leading European newspaper publishers: new developments in subscriptions in print, online and mobile; readers' clubs, cards and schemes, as well as exclusive services like events, shopping deals and discount offers. Rest assured this will be an intense workshop as the programme will include sessions with real active participation from delegates and a very practical implementation of INMA's baseline "sharing ideas, inspiring change".

This seminar will look at the loyalty programmes for subscribers, at the promotion to readers and non-readers, at the different events and activities planned by news media companies and at point-of-sale marketing.

Who should attend? This one-day seminar is geared toward newspaper and magazine publishers, marketing and sales executives and circulation managers.


The enormous costs in reselling subscriptions, along with the challenges we meet in receding circulation and readership combined with the need to retain and transform users both in Print and combined Print/Online demands new business models where the subscriber administrates her subscription online while also registering his preferences for information (gardening, travel, cars...) and thereby developing permission based marketing in the process.


Growing ARPU (average revenue per user/unit) is great. Growing the number of loyal customers is even better, as it creates more opportunities to grow ARPU. In practice this means a little bit more focus on loyalty programs in general and a little bit less on books, giveaways etc.

Activities maximising revenue per (the most loyal) advertiser: special long-term deals with agencies, media sales houses, events for ad buyers (from internal conferences to incentive travels), competitions for ad buyers etc.

  • Loyalty cards
  • Creative retention plans for subscribers
  • Points of Sale
Permission-based marketing

How to make more money from your most loyal readers: business development ideas for print and online. What you really can sell them and how to manage ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) from your reader (management of different offers etc.) Direct marketing and telephone campaigns.

Seminar starts at 10.00 and ends at approximately 17.00

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