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Monetising mobile for news publishersElevating and expediting cross-platform advertising sales

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Generating revenues from mobile and leveraging the integration of print and digital advertising sales are at the top of every newspaper's agenda.

Where are the opportunities? Where's the money? What is the path to implementation?

On February 14-15 at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, INMA will produce back-to-back one-day seminars that dive deeply and quickly into these two important subjects — with incentives to attend both seminars.

These promise to be high-value, time-efficient seminars.

Monetizing Mobile

In this one-day seminar, INMA will revisit the 4 P’s of marketing (product, price, place, promotion) as they relate to mobile — offering attendees a practical, start-to-finish look at mobile as a platform to extend audience and monetize. Topics will include mobile “musts” for a newsmedia company such as basic news and location-based ads, working with vendors and what to look for, and coaching staff to think like app-makers and how that might look in your market.

Cross-Platform Advertising Sales

INMA’s extensive focus on integrated advertising sales for news publishers will be on full display with this one-day seminar on how to move with lightning speed toward structuring advertising departments for cross-platform selling results. Topics will include how to quickly get your best people positioned for success, how to move from print-only selling to multi-platform/marketing consultant-based approaches, and how to get your advertisers enthused and opted-in to the changes you offer.

Sign up your sales, marketing, and digital teams for these low-cost, high-value, one-day seminars that will deliver maximum value with minimal time away from the office. You can join us for both seminars and receive an even larger discount on a registration package!

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

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