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These presentations are only available to participants of the Outlook 2010 Conference in Liverpool, October 21-23, 2009.
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Thursday, October 22  |  Friday, October 23

Gfk Challenges of Europe 2009 Survey
Results of the Challenges of Europe 2009 survey by GfK research company. Made available to the INMA/OPA conference participants by GfK Nuernberg in Germany. In case of any enquires, please contact your local GfK office or the headquarters of the group at gfk.com

Thursday, October 22

Morning Theme: Innovation

Robert Picard, Professor/Director, Jönkoping International Business School, Sweden
Laura Oliver, Senior Reporter, Journalism.co.uk, United Kingdom

Conference Opening
Mike Storey, The Lord Mayor of Liverpool

Sharing Ideas and Inspiring Change
Wolfgang Bretschko, President, INMA Europe, and Member of the Board, Styria Medien, Austria

Internet Strategies for Today and Tomorrow
The greatest challenges of online publishers in Europe and how do we deal with them at Poland's leading media group Agora is the focus of this presentation. Highlights include insights and case studies on multimedia, local markets, and monetisation from the company whose fast-growing online brands reach today nearly half of all Polish internet users.
Tomasz Józefacki, President, OPA Europe, and Vice President and Head of Internet Division, Agora, Poland

Innovation necessity: in print, online and in the minds
Anna Serner, CEO Tidnings Utgivarna, The Swedish Newspaper Publishers’ Association

The Personalised Newspaper
When Niiu debuted in Germany in early 2009, it became one of the first personalised newspapers put together based on individualised content and source profiles. The personalised newspaper represents the young person's lifestyle and information needs on a daily basis. It structures the daily information overload that young people are experiencing and pools together diverse sources of information in order to offer the best of newspapers, the internet, and communities. Niiu is printed on classic newsprint and delivered at the home each morning.
Wanja Oberhof, Founder, Niiu, Berlin, Germany

Consider Launching a New and Different Brand
Learn more about Le Post, the new brand of Le Monde featuring user-generated content, videos, blogs, and more.
Benoît Raphaël, Editor in Chief, Le Post.fr (Le Monde Interactif), Paris, France

Going Local: Bringing Online Innovation Back Home
Katherina Borchert, Head of WAZ New Media, Editor-in-Chief, derwesten.de, WAZ Mediagroup, Germany

How to Get Connected to Our Future Readers
Denmark's Ekstra Bladet created "Redaktionen", an internet-based editorial platform where schools produce their own newspaper. Today most schools produce newspapers in class — using a variety of software. With this revolutionizing platform from Ekstra Bladet, the students learning process is supported and helps students follow a professional process and produce professional results. The students layout their newspapers online and experience increasing pressure as deadline draws near. 2–3 days after deadline Ekstra Bladet delivers 1000 colour prints of the paper — directly at the school. This award-winning campaign has built intense loyalty with young people.
Louise Abildgaard Groen, Project Manager of Educational Relations, Ekstra Bladet, Denmark

Mobile: a cashless wallet
Rob Weisz, Commercial Director, MIG (Mobile Interactive group), UK

The Future of Newspapers and the Newspapers of the Future
In the midst of the worst economic downturn in generations, many suggest newspapers are confronting the end. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this presentation based on preparations for the forthcoming book Future News: The Way Forward for the News Business, remind yourself of what makes newspapers unique, what makes newspapers sell, and let's go back to basics. Key themes will be multi-media organisations, newsroom design and workflows, new advertising models, mobile content and advertising, blogging, social media, branding strategies, and new storytelling techniques.
Juan Señor, Partner, Innovation Media Consulting Group, and Visiting Fellow, Oxford University, United Kingdom

Afternoon Theme: Transformation

Even if pure innovation is not in your DNA, every company should be thinking about how to transform itself to cope with changing market conditions. What lessons will you take back to your office from the experiences of our speakers and panels?

Yes We Can: How the Obama Campaign's Use of New Media Can Be Applied to the Newspaper Quest for Audience Acquisition and Engagement
The 2008 U.S. presidential elections demonstrated the power of new media in the 21st century to impact politics and society. The campaign included design, branding, web content, video, mass e-mail, text messaging, fund-raising, online advertising, and more. Learn from the company who helped powered the Obama Online campaign – as well as campaigns in Sweden, France, the United Kingdom – and how this can relate to newspapers in their efforts to grow audience and advertising.
Matthew McGregor, Director, Blue State Digital, London, United Kingdom

These Are the Worst of Times, These Are the Best of Times
The world is changing, and classifieds are changing. Yet are you changing? If the answer is “no I don’t need to” or “no I don’t want to” then don’t come to this presentation. This case study presentation will trace radical shifts and approaches to the classified advertising business from Junkmail's experience in South Africa. Life as we know it, will never be the same. Great!
Felix Erken, Chief Executive Officer, Junkmail, South Africa

Experience, Advice, Pitfalls On Integrated Newsrooms
Lambrakis Press holds the leading and most widely diversified position in the mass media industry in Greece. They were the first media sector company to be listed on the Athens Stock Exchange's main market in 1998. Lambrakis publishes four newspapers and 24 magazines. They also develop and run www.in.gr, the largest news and information portal in Greece. Learn about their ongoing process of integrating print and online newsrooms.
Nikos Gouraros, Digital Business Unit, Lambrakis Press, Greece

One Brand – all Media
One Brand – all Media: This was the basic claim and idea when Financial Times Deutschland and FTD.de started back in spring 2000. An integrated newsroom was part of this from the very first day. But the crucial factors of success lie far beyond. They have to do with specialization, generalization – and diplomacy.
Joachim Dreykluft, News Editor Online, Gruner + Jahr Wirtschaftsmedien, Germany.

Editorial Restructuring and Streamlining of Editorial Processes
Trinity Mirror's Liverpool Echo goes through a restructuring and streamlining of editorial processes as the newsmedia company moves toward a more complete digital transformation in 2010.
Alastair Machray, Chief-Editor, Liverpool Echo, United Kingdom

IHT/NYTimes: Print/Online Cross-Selling
In this presentation, learn about the International Herald Tribune's digital strategy and the integration of IHT.com with NYTimes.com, plus the rapidly evolving world of e-readers, netbooks, and the new Times Reader 2.0 (Adobe AIR version). The speakers will look at how the Times and IHT are pursuing new digital opportunities worldwide.
Charlotte Gordon, Director of Strategy and Marketing, International Herald Tribune, United Kingdom
Yasmin Namini, Senior Vice President/Marketing and Circulation, The New York Times, United States



Friday, October 23

Morning Theme: Monetising Interactivity

De Persgroep : "Our belief in newspapers. Yes, newsPAPERs"
It is the best time ever to invest in newspapers and the best time to look back on hypes that never materialized, a fresh look at the business models of newspapers, mobile, internet, free newspaper, etc. but especially a story about the passion for the most beautiful medium on earth. De Persgroep made the largest newspaper investment in Europe in 2009 by buying PCM Uitgevers, editor of AD, NRC, Volkskrant en Trouw.
Xavier Verellen, Chief Commercial Officer, De Persgroep, Belgium

Premium Publisher Network: When Competitors Join Forces to Enhance Advertising Revenue
Premium Publisher Network represents an opportunity for Italian publishers to face the new competitive scenario within the online advertising market, offering a unique media solution to reach qualified targets and lead the performance market. Learn more about the consortium's win-win approach to online advertising based on qualified performance audience. Advertisers can plan advertising campaigns on specific channels (split by topic, target, and geo-localised), selecting the most relevant keywords to reach their audience objectives.
Giorgio Riva, Managing Director, RCS Digital, and Claudio Guia, Editorial Director, Espresso Group, Italy

Monetising Your Traffic Through Smarter Marketing
Onintze Gutierrez, Director Mobile Operations, Unidad Editorial, Madrid, Spain

Using CRM As a Tool for Smarter Audience Marketing
The Daily Mail has for many years grown its circulation through editorial initiatives and collectable promotions. What do you do when those initiatives start to dry up? The circulation team has undertaken some successful customer-focused activities ranging from home delivery to loyalty programmes and subscriptions. This presentation will take you through how The Daily Mail has reversed it sales patterns in the most competitive news market in the world using some intelligent CRM techniques and programmes.
Neil Jagger, Circulation Director, Associated Newspapers, United Kingdom

Moving from the Newspaper Business to the Business of News
Theo Blanco, VP Sales and Marketing, Mediehuset Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden

Is there any advertising business model on the net ?
Most publishers will claim that the advertising revenues on the net are too low. Hence, salvation should come from pay walls.
Olivier Bonsart, Directeur Délégué, Groupe SIPA/Ouest-France, France

The Outlook 2011 Conference in Krakow on September 30-October 1 2010!
Beata Palis, Krakow Convention Bureau

Afternoon Theme: Outlook 2010

The final afternoon of the conference looks into the coming years ahead of us. What can we expect in 2010-2012? Brace yourself!

The Analyst View: What’s In Store For 2010-2012 (no presentation)
What to expect from the news industry in the next three years will be the focus of this presentation, drawing on the speaker's experience as a former Merrill Lynch analyst looking at transformational change in the news and financial services industries. As a research director for Content Next Media, publisher of PaidContent, and author of the recent report “Playing a New Tune: The Music Industry's D-I-Y Era,” this presentation will bring unique perspective on the challenges ahead for newsmedia companies.
Lauren Rich Fine, Until recently, was the research director for ContentNext Media, publisher of paidContent, where she produced reports on Online News, Mobile Content, Digital Music, and Social Networking, which gives her a unique perspective in her presentation on the challenges ahead for newsmedia companies, United States

Content in 2010
When circulation and advertising revenues go down, editors cannot hide behind their wall. What you could and should expect from your newsroom to respond to the rapid change in readers' and advertisers' needs? Ideas and examples from the best read daily newspaper in Poland (in both print and online).
Grzegorz Piechota, Vice President, INMA Europe, and Specials Projects Editor, Agora, Poland

Newsmedia Outlook 2010: The Last Moments of Danger, The Last Moments of Opportunity
The opportunity for newsmedia companies today is to accelerate cultural change before the economic rebound begins. This rebound is only months away, so the clock is ticking. In this closing presentation, learn about the health of the newspaper post-recession, emerging business models, the fast-evolving value of content in various media platforms, and how newsmedia companies must prepare for the post-2011 revolutions ahead.
Earl J. Wilkinson, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, INMA, Dallas, United States

Thursday, October 22  |  Friday, October 23

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