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Rewarding excellence in engaging and funding news brands and the outstanding journalism they produce

Journalism, by itself, won’t change the world.

To have influence and impact, resonating content requires a great user experience, packaging, funding mechanisms, clever creative execution, an intimate knowledge of customers.

Yet as the foundation for news media’s value proposition, how can we reward the outstanding work of making journalism financially sustainable for a world that needs truth and trust?

Since 1937, the INMA Global Media Awards has rewarded business practices that sustain news media and journalism. The years and categories change, but the mission remains the same.

Across 20 categories, seven genres, and two audience segments, INMA aims to tell a story of creativity and aspiration for the unsung heroes behind news media’s renaissance in a complicated Digital Age.

Journalism matters. And the business decisions to bolster that journalism matter, too.

Reward excellence. Reach for something bigger. Benchmark your work. Enter your best work in sustaining news media in the 2024 INMA Global Media Awards competition.

For 2024, INMA will lean into the competition’s mission by focusing on:

Commerce and advertising
Generative AI
Media features
News brands
Newsroom transformation

Why you should enter the INMA Global Media Awards competition:

Shines a light on your best innovation and growth initiatives
Motivates and focuses your staff, your agency, your stakeholders
Benchmarks your best efforts against your peers’ best efforts
Recognition, respect, and prestige for your company

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Global Best In Shows

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What the “best of the best” looks like

Helsingin Sanomat’s “Counterstrike of the Free Press” won INMA’s highest award

Helsingin Sanomat’s “Counterstrike of the Free Press”

Winning the coveted “Best in Show,” was Helsingin Sanomat in Finland for “Counterstrike of the Free Press,” a playable map that hid a secret room where independent information was provided by the newspaper in both Russian and English languages. Judges said this campaign showed an exceptional strategy and creative use of journalism to ensure the delivery of accurate news — an example of how media must think beyond its traditional avenues to get its message out.
Bergens Tidende’s “Journey Around the World” won INMA’s highest award

Bergens Tidende’s “Journey Around the World”

Winning the coveted “Best in Show” was Schibsted-owned Bergens Tidende in Norway for “Journey Around the World,” an inventive storytelling format enabling users to travel around the world visually. Judges said this campaign was a world-class execution of an epic journey featuring total immersion in an adventure.
Miami Herald’s “House of Cards” taking the coveted global “Best in Show”

Miami Herald’s “House of Cards”

Winning the coveted “Best in Show” was The Miami Herald’s “House of Cards,” a meticulous journalistic investigation of the Champlain Towers South collapse and its multimedia representation, which involved witness testimonials of the tragedy.
Mittelbayerische Zeitung's collaborative “Drive” initiative won the Global Media Awards competition’s “Best In Show.”

Mittelbayerische Zeitung's collaborative “Drive” initiative

Winning the coveted “Best In Show” was Mittelbayerische Zeitung and its collaborative “Drive” initiative of regional German publishers sharing data, resources, and insights to support their digital subscription strategy.

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