Judging is based on the initiative's concept, creativity, and results.


Judging process

The judges evaluate entries through an online Awards Entry System created by INMA that allows them to view text, video, audio, PDFs, and still images. The judges meticulously score each entry on a scale of 1-50 and leave comments. Because judging is done online using digital images, companies should take care in selecting entries that are viewable via computer screen. Small type, poor image resolution, and materials best not viewed on a computer are strongly discouraged.


Who are the judges?

INMA will select a representative panel of 40+ highly qualified executives worldwide to judge the Global Media Awards. These judges come from media and marketing fields as well as experts in specific categories. While the judges are anonymous in the year of judging, click here to view a list of judges from recent years.

Global Media Awards judges, 2017-2021

Please note: Job titles of the Global Media Awards Jury Members correspond to their positions at the time of their Jury commitment

  • Lucia Adams, Digital Media Consultant, UK
  • Jamshid Alamuti, Managing Director @ Berlin School, Germany
  • Néstor Altuve, Specialist in Digital Transformation, Panama
  • Chico Amaral, CEO Tric Agency, Spain
  • Daniel Ammann, Project Manager @ Bauer Media, Germany
  • Renate Arndt, Head of Projects of Qualitiative Markt Research, Germany
  • Bernard Asselin, Partner Conseils d´affaires terre-à-terre, Canada
  • Jesse Baker, Co-Founder Magnificent Noise, USA
  • Peter Bale, Media Expert, former CNN, USA
  • Dirk Barmscheidt, Brantalist, Germany
  • Sanjay Behl, CEO Raymond, India
  • Tomas Bella, Denník N / Co-founder & head of online dpt./ Czech Republic
  • Ariane Bernard, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Product Officer, France and ‎USA
  • Susan Bidel, Senior Analyst at Forrester USA
  • Roger Black, Director at Type Network, Hong Kong
  • Wolfgang Blau, Research at Reuters Institute, UK
  • Ludovic Blecher, Google News Initiative, France
  • Mike Blinder, Publisher at Editor & Publisher, USA
  • Paul Bradshaw, Data Journalist, BBC, UK
  • Ruben Bouwmeester, Innovation Manager, Deutsche Welle, Germany
  • Paul Bramwell, Managing Director, Mediacom, UK
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Breyer-Mayländer, Professur für Medienmanagement, University of Offenburg, Germany
  • Bart Browers, Professor in Journalism, University of Gronningen, Netherlands
  • Nico Brugnini, Executive Producer at Producers, Uruguay
  • Marianne Bugge Zederkof, Director, Danske Medier, Denmark
  • Kristina Búren, Consultant, Arcando, Sweden
  • Eamonn Byrne, Director @ Byrne Partnership, Ireland
  • Julia Campbell, General Manager at The Branded Content Project, USA
  • Kunle Campbell, e-commerce Advisor, UK
  • Irena Choi Stern , Director Alumni Services, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, CUNY, USA
  • Miguel Castro, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UK
  • Madhu Chhibber, CEO Madison PR, India
  • Vanessa Clifford, Managing Director Newsworks, UK
  • Mia Comic, Content Marketing Lead at Lokalise, Serbia
  • Ruben Corda, Analyst and Journalist at Radio Mitre, Argentina
  • Ulrike Cremer, Projectmanagement, Independent Consultant, Germany
  • Juantxo Cruz, Multimedia and Infography, Spain
  • Al Cupo, Sales Manager, Brainworks, USA
  • Mark Challinor, International Media Professional, UK
  • Carlos Chávez, CEO Bizcom, México
  • Mal Dale,The Readership Works, General Manager, Australia
  • Fredrik Davidsson, Head of Innovation at Teknograd, Norway
  • Eduardo Danilo Ruiz, Danilo Design Group, Mexico
  • Ross Dawson, futurist, Australia
  • Gigi Demming, Condé Nast International UK
  • Matt DeRienzo, Editor in Chief at Center for Public Integrity, USA
  • Santosh Desai, MD FutureBrands, India
  • Fabiano Destri Lobo, Managing Director, Latam - Mobile Marketing Association, Brazil
  • Joni Deutsch, Manager On-Demand Content / Audience Engagement at WFAE, USA
  • Matthew Dodd, Head of Analytics, Kantar Insights United Kingdom
  • Pete Doucette, Subscription Economy Pioneer - Digital Transformation, FTI, USA
  • Adonis Durado, Art Director, USA
  • Carlos Echeverry, La Máquina de Ideas CEO, México
  • Rick Edmonds, Newspaper Consultant and Poynter Contributor, USA
  • Daniel Edström, RAM Norway, Key Account Mgr Research and Media
  • Ezra Eeman, Head of Digital, European Broadcasting Union, Switzerland
  • Ed Efchak, President of Customers by Design, USA
  • Laura Evans, SVP, Data Science, Disney Streaming, USA
  • Michael Falero, podcast producer and audio news reporter, USA
  • Stefan Fehm, Germany, Executive Director @ c3, Germany
  • Paula Felps, Freelance writer, editor, and podcast host, USA
  • Marie Fenner, Business Development @ AT Internet
  • Michelle Foster, Founding Partner, NewsGain, USA
  • Gabriella Franzini, former EIDOS CEO, Italy
  • Joachim Fuhrmann, ex Managing Director BDZV, Germany
  • Knut Arne Futsaeter, Research Director Media Kantar Norway
  • Miguel Angel Gomez, Newspaper Designer at Al Nisr Group, UAE
  • Emma Goodman, Research Officer LSE Media Policy Project at London
  • Chani Guyot, CEO and Director at RED/ACCIÓN, Argentina
  • Magnus Gylje, Editor-in-Chief @NobelPrize, Chief Digital Officer Nobel Media, Sweden
  • Jonathan Halls, Trainer & Coacher, Professor at the George Washington University, USA
  • Ben Hammersley, Journalist, Internet Strategy, UK
  • Paulo Hansted, CEO MCities, Brazil
  • Liza Hauwaert, Project Manager at Invento & Wombat, Belgium
  • Jochen Herrlich, General Manager Consulting at Plan.Net Group, Germany
  • Michael Höflich, CEO Content Marketing Forum, Germany
  • Mark Hollands, Non-Executive Director, Board Member, Australia
  • Stine Holmgaard, Native Institute, Denmark
  • Carol Hudler, CEO Hudler Success Strategies, USA
  • Samir Husni, Magazine Innovation Center, The University of Mississippi, USA
  • Johnny Hustler, former CEO Archant, UK
  • Matthew Ingram, Senior Editor, Forbes, USA
  • Hans Peter Janisch, Design Consultant, Germany
  • Rich Jaroslosvky, VP for Content at Smart News, USA
  • Ulbe Jelluma, BtB Marketing Expert / Campaign Strategist, Belgium
  • Tom Jenen, Director, Advisor for Technology and Media; Xoogler, UK
  • Holger Kansky, BDZV, Germany
  • Anjali Kapoor, Director News Partnerships, Facebook APAC, Singapore
  • Divya Karani, Chief Executive Officer, Dentsu Media, India
  • Emanuel Karlsten, Independent Journalist, Sweden
  • Sreekant Khandekar, Co-Founder AFAQS!, India
  • Robbie Kellman Baxter, Subscriptions Strategy Consultant, USA
  • Damon Kiesow, Knight Chair in Digital Editing and Producing, USA
  • Larry Kilman, Journalist, former WAN-IFRA, University Professor, France
  • Sirpa Kirjonen, Finnish Newspaper Association – Finland
  • Nina Klaß, Head of NextMedia, Germany
  • Martin Krieg, IVW (Information Community for the Assessment of the Circulation of Media,Germany
  • Ulrike Langer,, Germany and Seattle, USA
  • Jesper Laursen, CEO Native Institute Denmark
  • Eric Leclerc, Consultant, France
  • Xavier van Leeuwe, CMO, NRC Media Group, Netherlands
  • Martina Lenk, Head of Programm, ARD.ZDF Academy, Germany
  • Kelly Levson, Marketing and Research Director, News Media Canada
  • Alvin Lim, Digital Marketing Consultant, Singapore
  • Tobias Lindberg, Head of Analysis and Opinion, TU University, Sweden
  • Brie Logsdon, Freelance writer, Partner at Metaphysic, USA
  • Eva Lopez, Innovation Manager at Deutsche Welle, Germany
  • Jutta Lütkecosmann, Journalist at BDZV, Germany
  • Nikolay Malyarov, EVP, Chief Content Officer and General Counsel, PressReader
  • Matt Mansfield, SND, USA
  • Trude Margel, Itera Magazine Founder, Norway
  • Martin Maska, European Youth Press, Germany
  • Matt McAlister, Kaleida Networks and, columnist for Guardian Media & Tech, UK
  • Jigar Mehta, Fusion, Video Producer, USA
  • Martin van der Meij, Chief Digital Officer at Wavemaker, Netherlands
  • Gary Meo, Sales, Nielsen, USA
  • Nicolás Mescia, Managing Director at EME Content Marketing, Uruguay
  • Bozena I. Mierzejewska, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Management, USA
  • Michelle Milane, Events & Commercial, Brazil
  • Klaus Miller, Assistant Professor of Quantitative at Frankfurt University, Germany
  • Paulo D. Mira, Mobi Founder, Brazil/USA
  • Jan Moberg, CEO TU, Norway
  • Robb Montgomery, Visual CEO, Germany/UK
  • Juan Luis Moreno, Chief Strategy at The Digital Valley Business School, Spain
  • Marco Morinello, CEO 923b, Germany
  • Miranda Mulligan, Consultant, 2016-17 CARTA Knight Innovator in Residence, USA
  • Merja Myllylahti, Senior Lecturer JMAD Research Centre, New Zealand
  • Ismael Nafría, Knight Center for Journalism, Spain/USA
  • Yasmin Namini, Consultant, USA
  • Wolfgang Nedomansky, Managing Director at APA, Austria
  • Nic Newman, Digital Media and Product Strategist, UK
  • George Nimeh, Founder & CEO at Nimeh and Partners, Austria
  • Eric Nuzum, Co-Founder Magnificent Noise, Podcast and Media Consultant
  • Sergio de Olivera, Secretary at the European Union, Belgium
  • John O'Loan, CEO UK IO MediaTechnologies
  • Trine Ohrberg-Rolfsrud, Mediebedriftenes Landsforening, Norway
  • Dan Oshinsky, Independent, USA
  • Kennedy P, Associate Professor, Hyderabad University, India
  • Chris Pash, Editor, AdNews, Australia
  • Rob Paterson, CEO Pantera Digital, USA and UK
  • Stephane Pere, Chief Revenue Officer at Poool, France
  • Mamen Perera, Media and Innovation Consultant, Spain
  • Christina Petrova, Conference Manager at Gartner, UK
  • Mary-Katharine Phillips, Founder News Leaders, Belgium-USA
  • Malin Picha, Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Södertörn University, Sweden
  • Meg Pickard, Senior Digital Content Specialist, Ninety Consulting, UK
  • Alice Pickthall, Market Research @ Enders UK
  • Sally Pirri, Managing Director, Print Production/ The Globe & Mail, Canada
  • Ramanujam Pobbisetty, Director of Enterprise Sales, comScore India
  • Anita Rao, podcast host and public radio producer – USA
  • Linnie Rawlison, Director of Content Strategy @ Content Solutions, UK
  • Tatiana Repkova, Founder Media Manager Club, Russia
  • Zosia Rich, Lead Research Consultant, Data Services @ comScore, UK
  • Orchid Richardson, VP Global Partnerships and Product Marketing, IAB, USA
  • Andreas Rickmann, Social Media Consultant, Germany
  • Simon Rogers, Data Editor, News Lab at Google, USA
  • Alexandra Salomon, IAB, Senior Director, International, USA
  • Gabriel Sama, Global Newsroom Manager, USA
  • Fergus Sampson, Former CEO, Media24, South Africa
  • Dietmar Schantin, CEO, Institute Media Strategies, UK
  • Gabi Schmidt, Creative Director/ Manager @ Schmidt Media Group, USA
  • Michael Schmitz, Head of Content Lab @ Publicis Germany
  • Markus Schöberl, Worldwide Networking, Reader Revenue, Germany
  • Josh Schwartz, Data Scientist, Chartbeat, USA
  • Christoph Seeger, Crossmedia Publishing & Management Professor, Stuttgart University, Germany
  • Adrian Segovia, Head of Content LaLiga Sports Group, USA
  • Ross Settles, Adjunct Professor, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, Hong Kong University
  • Melanie Shah, Media Consultant, UK
  • Nripendra Singh, Director - Media & Entertainment, Africa, India, Middle-East (AIM) Advisory, Ernst & Young
  • Shashi Sinha, Chief Business Officer, Adani Advertising, India
  • Matt Skibinski, General Manager NewsGuard, USA
  • Bernhard Sonntag, Strategy and Media Expert at APA, Austria
  • Norbert Specker, CatchUp Communication Agency, Switzerland
  • Gordon Steiger, Independent Designer, Germany
  • Ioana Sträter, Management Forum, Germany
  • Kim Svendsen, Chief Innovator Officer at Stibo Group, Denmark
  • Anders Tapola, Design Editor, Smalandsposten, and Ex-President SND Europe, Sweden
  • Adam Thomas, ex-Storyful, Director, European Journalism Center, UK/Belgium
  • Lina Timm, Head of Media Lab Incubator, Germany
  • Alvaro Triana, Senior Consultant at Innovation Media, Colombia
  • Jonas Triebel, Chief Operating Officer IDG, Germany
  • Lisbeth Ulloa, Directora de Medios Digitales, Star Holding, Panama
  • Jacek Utko, Designer, Poland
  • Nacho Vallejo, Director Amén Agency, Uruguay
  • Nuno Vargas, Innovation, Future, Media, and Product Strategist, Facebook, Portugal
  • Herman Verwimp, Marketing & HR Director, Gijbels Group, Belgium
  • Alejandro Vesga, Director, Hearst, Spain
  • Vinod Vittoba, Director of Association for Print Technologies, India
  • Johannes Vogel, former CDO at Süddeutsche Zeitung, Associate Partner @ The Nunatak Group, Germany
  • Jeremy Wagstaff, Consultant at Thomson Reuters Asia
  • Gregor Waller, Digital Age Consulting, former Axel Springer, Germany
  • Amy Webb, Futurist, USA
  • Aldo van Weezel, Co-Founder & CEO Easybots, Chile
  • Claudia Wilke, Head of Project, Weconomy, Germany
  • Lee Williams, CEO Vertical Intlligence, UK
  • Anne Wong, Senior Consultant, Universal Pictures, China
  • Moritz Wuttke, Managing APAC Publicitas
  • Marion Wyss, Co-Founder & CEO Underlines, France
  • Robin Yee, Singapore Senior Advisor & Lecturer School, Film & Media Studies, Singapore
  • René van Zanten, Managing Director, Dutch Journalism Fund, Netherlands
  • Javier Zarracina, Graphic Designer, The Boston Times, USA
  • Anita Zielina, Director Strategic Initatives Newmark J-School at CUNY, USA
  • Bernd Zipper, Print Consultant, Germany

Selection of winners

Generally, one First Place, one Second Place, and one Third Place will be awarded for each category (20) within each segment (3). In some cases, judges may omit awards or advise additional awards.


Top awards

Judges will designate a “Best of Show” winner among First Place recipients, along with regional winners for Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, and South Asia. There must be a First Place recipient from a region to qualify; otherwise, INMA may combine regions for the purpose of rewarding regional excellence.


Non-English entries

Most judges speak and write fluent English, which is the official language of the judging process. Every effort will be made by INMA to translate non-English entries in advance of the judging. But there are no guarantees. Submitting entries in English is strongly encouraged.