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(Announced March 10, 2021)

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About the Global Media Awards

The INMA Global Media Awards competition rewards outstanding achievement in news brands, use of media platforms, subscriptions, business development, and data and insights.

While INMA has rewarded excellence in news media since 1937, no year quite compares to the past 12 months of a global pandemic that has profoundly impacted the media business.

INMA aspires in 2021 to capture the progress of the news industry’s transformation and reinvention, accelerated by the developments of the past year.

We invite you to submit entries in 20 categories across 3 segments of media company so that our 40+ judges can make an even-handed comparison of campaigns and initiatives worldwide.

Why you should enter

Entering the INMA Global Media Awards competition:

  • Shines a light on your company's best innovation and growth initiatives
  • Motivates and focuses your staff, your agency, your stakeholders
  • Benchmarks your best efforts against your peers' best efforts

Winning the INMA Global Media Awards competition is about recognition, respect, and prestige for your company, your brand, your department, your agency — and you.

What we reward

The INMA Global Media Awards competition rewards initiatives, campaigns, and ideas that produce:

  • Breakthrough results
  • Unique concepts
  • Strong creativity
  • Innovative thinking
  • Winning synergies across platforms

You will be judged against peers of a similar segment of brand and geographic focus

Let’s get started

Enter the INMA Global Media Awards competition, and unlock the door to a new world of ideas, innovation, and creativity.


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Your career moment

We can’t promise you a fancy dinner in a glitzy ballroom in 2021 (thanks, COVID). Yet the thrill of victory abounds as witnessed by the winners of the 2020 Global Media Awards. Take a look at when their trophies and certificates arrived — and the pride in a job well done.