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INMA Global Media Awards
Key Dates


Who may submit entries

The INMA Global Media Awards competition is open to news media companies and entities affiliated with the news media industry. Entries must be prepared and uploaded by the news media organisation, news media organisation representative, advertising agency, or public relations firm working on the company's behalf.


Date of entries

Entries must have been executed during the 2019 calendar year. If you are entering from an ongoing campaign that was entered in a previous year, you must submit new work from the campaign.


About each entry

1. There should be no more than six files per entry.

2. Each file must not exceed 20MB.

3. Allowed file types are JPG, PDF, MP3, WMA, WMV, MOV, GIF, PNG.

4. Under “Objectives and Results,” there is a 330-word limit for each field.

5. Due to the file size, if you have a video campaign that has been uploaded to YouTube or an online system of this nature, you can include a direct link to the video either on the “Objectives” and “Results” portion of your entry, or you can provide your link in a PDF document and upload this file as part of your entry.

Note: The system will allow certain files to be uploaded, but not all judges have the software that is capable of viewing files other than (JPG, PDF, MP3, WMA, WMV, MOV, GIF, PNG). Please convert your files to the supported formats or your campaign will not be judged in its entirety.


Multiple entries

You may enter in as many categories as you wish. If you are submitting an entry in more than one category, please submit it separately in each category, as it will be judged separately.

Entrants have the possibility to duplicate entries and submit them in other categories. At the end of the submission process there is the feature "Copy Entry", which allows the duplication.

Note: A fee of U$S 135 applies per submitted entry.


Entry groups

The objective in the groupings is to judge like-sized and like-minded companies against one another.

Entries must be submitted in one of two groups:



Syndicated material or campaigns that are not specifically prepared for your company are not eligible. INMA reserves the right to disqualify any entry that fails to conform to the rules. Disqualified entries will not be judged. Fees for entries will not be returned. INMA is not responsible for materials entered in the competition.


Confidential information

Please do not include confidential information in your entries to the INMA Global Media Awards competition. All entries will be publicly displayed in INMA's Best Practices Archive.


Web browser requirements

To make the entry process smooth within the Entry Management System, INMA strongly recommends upgrading to the latest version of the browsers below:

Personal Computer (PC):


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