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Judging is based on the initiative's concept, creativity, and results.


Selection of winners

Generally, one First Place, one Second Place, and one Third Place will be awarded for each group within each category. In some cases, judges may omit awards or advise additional awards.


Top awards

Judges will designate a “Best of Show” winner among First Place recipients, along with regional winners for Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, and South Asia. There must be a First Place recipient from a region to qualify; otherwise, INMA may combine regions for the purpose of rewarding regional excellence.


Judging process

INMA will select a representative panel of highly qualified executives worldwide to judge the Global Media Awards. Because judging is done online using digital images, companies should take care in selecting entries that are viewable via computer screen. Small type, poor image resolution, and materials best not viewed on a computer are strongly discouraged.


Non-English entries

Most judges speak and write fluent English, which is the official language of the judging process. Every effort will be made by INMA to translate non-English entries in advance of the judging. But there are no guarantees. Submitting entries in English is strongly encouraged.

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