Register and Submit Awards Entries Here

Who is eligible to enter the INMA Global Media Awards competition?

The competition is open to newspapers, magazines, TV stations and networks, news Web sites, online classified Web sites, and others broadly in the “news media” field. We are seeking best practices in audience, revenue, and brand growth at news media companies regardless the platform. Further questions about eligibility may be directed at

How many words am I allowed to enter in the objectives and results fields?

There is a 330-word limit for each field.

How many files can we upload per entry?

The database allows for 6 files per entry.

How do you distinguish between a “local/regional” brand and a “national/global” brand?

If the primary audience of the brand is a geography within a country, entries should be submitted in the “local/regional” group.

Are we able to set up multiple accounts, each representing a different department within my company where each department would have a different contact person?

Yes, each department can submit their own entries separately and would have a unique login and password. The contact person for that specific department is listed under that unique login and password.

Are speculative campaigns accepted in the competition?

All entries submitted must have been executed during the 2019 calendar year.

Is it required that both the creative and content is new from a previous year's entry?

The campaign must have been executed during the 2019 calendar year. If you are entering from an ongoing campaign from a previous year, you must submit new creative and content from the campaign.

Can one PDF file have numerous pages contained within it?

Yes, one file can have numerous PDF pages representing various creative elements for the campaign. Make certain the size of the file does not exceed 20MB.

Once my files are uploaded, am I able to confirm the image has been uploaded and see the actual image?

Once you have uploaded all your files, click “Review and Submit” at the top of your screen. You will be able to review content you have entered for each entry. If you click on the hyperlink associated with your files, you will be able to view the image.

For entries that require the objectives and results to be translated into English, how do we ensure INMA receives these translations for each campaign?

Please document your objectives and results in English and send them by e-mail to You must reference your company name, entry name, and entry number(s) in the document.

Do I have to be a member of INMA to submit entries in the awards competition?

No, anyone can submit entries in the competition.

When attaching files with an online entry, do we need to attach the whole page or screen or palette on which the advertisement or initiative ran, or can we just attach the artwork?

You can submit the whole page, just the artwork, or both if you prefer. Submit the creative that best represents your campaign.

What is the cut-off time on the deadline date? Can I still submit my entries on the deadline date or must I submit my entries by close of business the day before?

Entries must be submitted by your close of business on the deadline date, regardless of your time zone.

I was able to upload a file that is not supported in the database. Will it still be judged?

The system will allow certain files to be uploaded, but not all judges have the software that is capable of viewing files other than (JPG, PDF, MP3, WMA, WMV, MOV, GIF, PNG). Please convert your files to the supported formats, or your campaign might not be judged in its entirety.

The “Bill To” information on my invoice is not correct. How do I ensure the proper “Bill To” company information is listed?

To receive an updated invoice, please e-mail INMA at and provide the correct “Bill To” information (company name, address, and tax ID). You will then receive a corrected invoice by e-mail.