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About the Global Media Awards

The INMA Global Media Awards competition rewards excellence in growing the audience, revenue, and brand of news media companies.

INMA has rewarded excellence in news media since 1937. This year across 15 categories, the association will reward outstanding work in developing news brands, platform excellence, audience development, advertising sales, and innovation.

For 2020, INMA has added 7 new categories rewarding corporate culture, acquiring and retaining talent, digital subscriptions, audio, digital products, print, and data analytics.

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Why you should enter

Entering the INMA Global Media Awards competition:

  • Shines a light on your company's best innovation and growth initiatives
  • Motivates and focuses your staff, your agency, your stakeholders
  • Benchmarks your best efforts against your peers' best efforts

Winning the INMA Global Media Awards competition is about recognition, respect, and prestige for your company, your brand, your department, your agency — and you.

What we reward

The INMA Global Media Awards competition rewards initiatives, campaigns, and ideas that produce:

  • Breakthrough results
  • Unique concepts
  • Strong creativity
  • Innovative thinking
  • Winning synergies across platforms

You will be judged against peers of a similar genre and geographic focus.

Let’s get started

Enter the INMA Global Media Awards competition, and unlock the door to a new world of ideas, innovation, and creativity.


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Submit entries online in a matter of minutes by clicking “Submit Entries”

Global Media Awards Dinner in Paris

The presentation of the 84th Annual Global Media Awards will be at the closing reception and dinner of the INMA World Congress of News Media Tuesday evening, April 28, at the historic Opera Ballroom of the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand. Dating to the 1860s, soak in global excellence and history in the breathtaking Opera Ballroom with its high cupola and mirrors.

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