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Minderbroedersrui 9 / Bus7
Antwerp, Antwerp 2000
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Tom Corbett

Head of European Division

Professional background

See my LinkedIN profile.

Year Tom joined news media industry


Accomplishment of which Tom is proudest

Modernizing the INMA European Office in 12 months.

Accomplishment of which Tom is proudest

It is by far the most valuable of all newsmedia industry associations.

Long-term challenges facing news media industry

Getting journalists and newspaper executives to understand that they are not in the print media business, but in the news media business. Print will not die; but it will be a smaller part of the business in the future. It will exist next to the web, TV, radio, mobile, etc... We, at INMA, believe in quality journalism serving the community and a free press. The only way to guarantee a free, quality press, is to have healthy, self-supported news media companies; and that's why INMA exists.

Personal message

Just great to be associated with INMA.