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Shaun Higgins

The Oxalis Group

Professional background

Worked way through college as reporter and editor, spent total of 16 years in newsroom in Indiana, Virginia, Montana, and Washington state before becoming a manager of marketing and services and corporate communications for The Spokesman-Review. Spent about five years doing that before being named circulation director. In 198, I was put in charge of the advertising department as well. Founded New Media Ventures in 1994, was named president and COO. In 1995, New Media accquired Spokane Journal of Business and acquired interactive television licenses; in 1996, the company acquired Print Marketing Concepts, Inc., and was named chair and CEO. Retired from The Spokesman-Review and Cowles Company in 2011, acquired the intellectual property and some physical assets of New Media Ventures, and founded the Oxalis Group LLC, a web-publishing, consulting and training firm that does business as The Oxalis Media Group,, and

Year Shaun joined news media industry


Accomplishment of which Shaun is proudest

Three of them: --Establishment of NMV as my company's acquisition arm, and acquisition ofits first subsidiary outside the Inland Northwest. --My service on the board of INMA, as a former INMA president and as a recipient of the Silver Shovel award. --My books, in particular, The Newspaper in Art and The Newspaper in Modern and Postmodern Art.

Accomplishment of which Shaun is proudest

Development of contacts with marketing people in the industry. As a former editor, I was limited in my marketing contacts when I left the newsroom. INMA quickly and fully filled that void.

Long-term challenges facing news media industry

The twin tasks of remaining politically and socially relevant by performing their traditional"watchdog" role of vetting, verifying and challenging the statements of those seeking to manipulate public opinion for self-interested purposes; and, finding the revenues to support that role with investment in new technologies and skills beyond those related to design and distribution platforms.