Master Class: Creating a Strategic Advertising Plan

Event description

With the COVID-19 pandemic came issues never before imagined: advertiser brand safety issues around coronavirus coverage, the re-making of restaurants as general stores and takeout enterprises, the need to support independent and local small businesses, re-thinking marketing messaging to one of empathy and support, the reading of tea leaves to shift sales reps from collapsed accounts to rising accounts, where to place bets, how to reposition journalism-based media in the marketing mix, and more. In this Master Class, learn how to re-imagine your advertising department, what’s working in self-service for advertisers; partners in SEM, recruitment, and social media; classifieds and APIs; and reselling business of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Linkedin, and Indeed. We will look at how media companies are moving from “advertising space” to “media solutions,” and how to become a news brand and advertising agency for your clients. Finally, we will take a look at data-infused, targeted advertising – and how to utilise your reader data for your advertising business.

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10-24 August 2020