Master Class: Digital Subscription Fundamentals

Event description

You are at the beginning of your digital subscription journey or your first efforts have not met their objectives. You have the resources, but marshaling everything needed to make this work are culturally, logistically, and practically challenging. In this Master Class, INMA will help get you firmly onto the on-ramp for your subscription journey.

Key topics to be covered include:

  • From content factories to journalism as a service: What the transformation to consumer revenue is really about?
  • Premium content and user experience: What value proposition readers pay for and why?
  • Maximising the news customer lifestyle value: How to speed acquisition, delay churn and grow revenue?
  • Managing change and organising for growth: How to focus and mobilise teams and resources to deliver a breakthrough?
  • Priming the market: How to prepare customers, employees, owners and other stakeholders for the launch?
  • Anatomy of the launch: Step-by-step guide to the launch of a new subscription or membership product.
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04-18 August 2020