Master Class: The Data Road Map Away From Third-Party Cookies

Event description

The media business often takes a reactive, not proactive, approach to changes in the market. Because of that, opportunity for new initiatives is often forfeited in lieu of defensive measures to satisfy existing business models instead of pushing against the tide to pioneer new ones. In this next phase, challenges like privacy, death of the cookie, and strength of platforms should be leveraged to shed the legacy models that are shrinking in media and venture into the exciting unknown of what’s next. This session will focus on these opportunities and how media companies can thrive in this era. Learn about the opportunities and challenges of the cookie change, alternatives to third-party cookies, and how media companies are practically addressing these issues now. For example, learn more about how publishers are building data platforms based on first-party data collected across its sites, offering hundreds of segments and targeting digital advertising.

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13-27 July 2020