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The key to marketing success in a world increasingly dominated by the onslaught of online activity and social media is keeping an open mind. So says Aaron Kahlow, the keynote speaker who opened Online Marketing Summit 2012, an event he co-founded six years ago.

The four-day conference, held February 6-9 in San Diego, California, attracted more than 2,000 attendees from throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. The summit focused on best practices for online marketing and featured speakers from several Fortune 500 companies. 

However, the overarching concept that Kahlow urged the attendees to embrace was relaxation and letting one’s mind do what it does best. He then quoted Albert Einstein: “The problems of today cannot be solved in the same mindset that created them.”

Kahlow said we have an opportunity to break out of old patterns, the old mindset. “If you let your mind go, you can achieve that. Relax and your brain is free to solve problems.” He dubbed this philosophy “the river,” because a river does not flow in a straight, narrow path; it winds in many directions. 

If you get in the river mindset, you’re open to new ideas rather than being stuck within the confines of a conventional marketing approach — new ideas that help marketers achieve their primary goals: converting prospects into customers and turning customers into advocates.

Kahlow wound up his remarks by asking for input from the audience: “What’s your biggest challenge in online marketing?” 

The top responses included conversion, e-commerce, how to add cutting-edge features to a Web site without losing customers, balancing mobile apps with mobile online to get a better experience for users, social media experience, obtaining accurate customer data analytics, and commanding respect of the senior vice president. The last response garnered the most applause.

“All marketing is headed in this direction — online,” Kahlow said. “We need analytics to measure the impact; we need to match CRM with analytics.” 

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06-09 February 2012


Hilton San Diego Bayfront
San Diego, United States