INMA World Congress

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The first plenary session of the 81st Annual INMA World Congress started at 8:30 a.m. in a packed ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. That’s a reasonable enough hour — even for more than 350 delegates from 45 countries, spanning virtually every time zone — but outgoing INMA president Michael Phelps decided to give everyone a wake-up call of his own during his opening remarks.

This event, he declared, was not going to be business as usual. The theme was “Vision. Innovation. Now!” and Phelps told delegates that the presentations were going to be engaging and informative, but also would cover topics that might be “a little uncomfortable” at times for attendees.

Phelps set the stakes high: The clock for the newsmedia industry is ticking, and the time for change is now. In fact, he said, “this change needed to start five minutes ago.”

The results matched the expectations. Over the four days of the conference, delegates heard more than 25 thought-provoking presentations by newsmedia industry leaders from around the world. It started with a series of seven rapid-fire “Brainsnack” case studies on Sunday, and concluded on Wednesday with an “executive briefing” by Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal about innovative strategies and practices at those companies.

Each day dealt with themes of transformation, innovation, risk-taking, re-invention of corporate culture, maximising resources, delivering content and advertising across platforms, and accelerating the evolution of the newspaper business.

Here is our report from the 81st Annual INMA World Congress.

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15-17 May 2011


Sheraton Hotel & Towers
New York, United States