OMMA Global 2010

Event description

U.S. marketing professional network MediaPost produced a two-day conference in San Francisco that looked at the opportunities in the worlds of Online, Media, Marketing, and Advertising (OMMA). Its theme was “Unbound: the Titan Throws Off His Chains,” referencing the Greek myth about Prometheus who was shackled to a rock for stealing fire from the gods. In a sense, internet usage has been chained to the desktop, but today’s technology is opening up a world that offers higher levels of interconnectivity through mobile media. Today, learning to monetise products and utilise mobile is an industry-wide obsession. The conference addressed this by featuring four categories of track sessions: online publishing, media planning, marketing, and advertising. This executive summary is written by INMA’s correspondent in San Francisco, Elizabeth Pfeffer.

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17-18 March 2010


San Francisco, United States