INMA World Congress

Event description

Amidst the current atmosphere of “gloom and doom” surrounding the newspaper industry, more than 350 delegates came away with a different message from the 78th INMA World Congress. Instead of focusing on negatives, speakers delivered messages of innovation and inspiration in every session:

  • Author Christopher Zook said newspapers can thrive by making an intensive effort to redefine their “core,” and by identifying hidden assets within their businesses.


  • Analyst and author Charlene Li challenged attendees to shift the focus from content to building a genuine relationship with the audience through fresh methods like content aggregation and social networking.


  • Citing the media explosion in India, executive Rajiv Verma said he expects a “rebirth” of the newspaper industry.


  • Newspaper executive Brian Tierney forcefully urged attendees to ignore the negativity, and put the industry’s challenges in context compared with similar issues in TV and radio.

Virtually every presenter offered imaginative solutions that will answer the challenges, and add value for newspaper companies around the world.

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07-09 May 2008


Beverly Hills, United States