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The Newspaper Association of America (NAA) hosted an estimated 2400 attendees and 277 suppliers from the United States and abroad at its annual NEXPO conference April 20-24 at the Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

The programme featured a four day agenda of educational sessions and technical briefings as well as the annual technical exposition. There were two general sessions — “What ‘Audience Development’ Means to Technology and Operations” and “A ‘New’ Newspaper Company.” The following summary recounts some these experiences and presents the new ideas that are changing the landscape of the modern newspaper industry.
By L. Carol ChristopherL. Carol Christopher is president of Christopher Communications in Berkeley, California, USA. She is also a contributor to The Seybold Report and has been a frequent contributor to industry publications including The Cole Papers, NewsInc., The Quill, TechNews, and Presstime. She has also written a dissertation on the sociological aspects of newsrooms and technology. She can be reached at




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20-24 April 2007


Orlando, United States