Video strategy at Washington Post stays flexible while experimenting with 360, vertical

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


The video team at The Washington Post is having a lot of fun with 360 and vertical video these days, Micah Gelman, the companys director of video, explained at the INMA World Congress in London

While the media company’s foray into 360 video is still “early days,” travel and politics have been good entry uses of the technology. Gelman is quite proud of his team’s 360 video feature on the Galapagos Islands and a vertical video piece called The Waypoint, following the journey of refugees into Europe through the island of Lesbos, Greece.

“What makes a good 360 story is still be written,” he says. “What’s the 360 advertising experience is still to be written. But I think ... it’s very exciting to be out there experimenting in the different story format.”

 Audiences today like their news videos like they like their Netflix — available whenever and wherever they’d like.

“Were very focused on creating short pieces of content that are highly relevant to the stories that they’re placed in,” Gelman said.

His biggest advice: Be flexible.

This is day one of an unwritten story in online video. What works today will not work tomorrow.

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