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The position question: Most INMA members feel good about print-digital strategy


Most news companies being represented at this year’s INMA World Congress consider themselves well positioned in terms of print-digital synergy, according to a preliminary survey of delegates.

But more than 25% of respondents said their strategy on how to integrate and maximise cooperation between the two sides of the business is vague and still needs work.

Detailed numbers will be discussed at the World Congress starting in New York City on Sunday.

“Our strategy is still fluid, and we tend to keep it responsive,” said Zeid Saigol, chief operation officer for DAWN Group of Newspapers. “Pakistan as a market is years away from shelving print, and we intend to explore that still further.”

DAWN’s policy works to “bring digital into the main stream platform,” he continued.

This approach will create more opportunity for advertisers and will enhance their ability to tell a story, he added: “[It will also] give consumers and advertisers more room to explore.”

The survey asked specifically about “synergies in content, audience, development, and advertising.” A small portion of delegates said they either had no strategy or that theirs wasn’t working.

Gerold Riedmann, CEO of Russmedia Digital in Austria, advises companies to be flexible in creating new synergies.

“There is no valid one-fits-all digital strategy,” Riedmann said, “but digital growth and the establishment of additional revenue streams might not be a bad idea.”

As various companies decide to maximise synergies in content, audience, development, and advertising, they must create individual plans for what their consumers and advertisers will want to use.

Russmedia is “concentrating on growing either in vertical or geographical niches … also with offering additional digital services,” Riedmann said, adding that the company is open to rethinking its strategy constantly to adapt to consumers.

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