What makes you attractive to advertisers? Enthusiasm and investment




Converting to a digital world isn’t just a problem for the news industry, according to co-founder of Pereira & O’Dell, P.J. Pereira. The advertising industry has spent more than a decade attempting to integrate the physical and digital worlds.

“We have to ask ourselves if we’re inventing the news industry today,” Pereira asked, “... how would we do it?”

Pereira presented a hypothetical about how a person would build an industry from the ground up as well as create and maintain a dominance in the industry. He applied this to how new media companies can make their advertising work for them.

“Advertisers like to partner with kings,” he said, explaining that what makes a news brand an attractive place for an advertiser is enthusiasm and an investment in your subject of expertise.

Pereira elieves all distinctions between forms of media — such as news, books, and magazines — should not exist. Rather, news media companies today should look at all tiers of the funnel to optimise their advertising potential.

All publishers should look at different factors contributing to what makes successful advertising such as range, point of view, and subject.

“If you aren’t making people talk about your brand, or getting the CMO’s wife or husband talk about your brand, you’re missing out on a great opportunity,” he said.

Pereira showed several advertising spots, highlighting some of what he considers the most creative approaches to marketing individual news brands.

An ad for the Independent, featuring creative shots juxtaposed with audio that lists warnings on what not to do. Another ad for the Mumbai Mirror had vignettes of several different people stating “I am Mumbai.”

This is where he spotlighted the importance of making the product exciting again, which he said was one of the keys to effective marketing. Pereira is looking for people to create ads like those to bring the energy back to creative advertising.

Pereira’s final point was that there is something inherently attractive about the print model in the news media. To bring this attitude back, the mission is to find the best way to tell an interesting story.

“We are the voice of people,” he said. “We’ve gotta be proud of that. We’ve gotta bring that energy back.”

Pereira strongly emphasised that the craft of print shouldn’t die, that it still has a unique value in today’s marketplace: “Your brand deserves to be celebrated in this new world.”

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