Social media efforts increase GT digital traffic by 100%

By Western iMedia



Frida Boisen, editor in chief of GT in Sweden, discussed the importance of targeting the emotions of readers at the INMA 2014 World Congress on Sunday.

Social media campaigns offer news media companies a chance to connect with audiences. Boisen acknowledged that Facebook users want to read and be engaged with content.

“They want to feel alive,” Boisen said. “If you want to catch them, talk to their heart.”

To appeal to the emotions and values of readers, GT instigated a social media marketing campaign to address concerns that arose during the 2010 Sweden elections.

“We started a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a hashtag,” Boisen said.

The result of the campaign was significant: “In a year, the traffic has increased on GT by 100%,” Boisen said.

The benefits of the campaign went beyond increased traffic, she said: “Brand awareness was booming. All of our competitors were writing about it as well.”

A strong social media strategy comes from an active relationship with the audience.

“How to start a fire in social media?” Boisen asked. “Through engagement, talk to the heart, cross-communicate, and think big.”

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