Risking failure is part of the game; so is tweeting


Kylie Davis, national real estate editor at News Ltd. in Australia, says in this video interview that year's 81st INMA World Congress is delivering a different message than she has heard at other venues recently.

"Now people are kind of realizing that risking failure is part of the game," she said after the Sunday Brainsnack session, noting that newspapers could have but didn't invent many of the key online services because they have tended to want to invest in only sure things.

Davis also trended to the top of the conference's Twitterstream, starting a lot of discussions using the conference's #INMAWC hashtag.

"This is the first time I've tweeted at a conference. It's been great fun and it's a great way to actually interact with the content you're hearing," she said. "It requires a whole new different brain space to think about what you're hearing and trying to understand how you're going to communicate that at the same time. It's been a really different way. Rather than sitting there passively and taking it all in and then try to translate it later on back in your room or on the flight home, it's actually giving me a whole heap of notes that are a really dynamic sense of what's going on at the conference."


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