Post-Digital Age, how does media thrive in the Great Rewrite?

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


Leonard Brody is a media start-up specialist, a digital investor for the past two decades. Sitting at the nexus of technology and media, he has spent those years building Internet companies, including an agency that helped pioneer user-generated news, and has been nominated for two Emmy Awards in the process.

Brody, president of Clarity Digital, helped grow into the 11th-largest site in the United States with 60 million unique visitors each month, scaling a large media business from the ground up inside a traditional media business.

Through these experiences in the “fifth media revolution” (Internet), he sees a rewrite involving drastic changes in consumer behaviour, the end of the job era, the end of protected incumbents, and the costs of innovation dropping to zero thanks to technology.

Brody will share his thoughts on where media is going next — and where legacy and digital companies fit into the new mosaic — at the INMA World Congress in London May 22-24.

Consider this statement, from his 2015 Ted Talk below:

Today, the largest media business in the world owns and produces no content [Facebook]. The largest transportation business in the world owns no vehicles [Uber]. The largest telecom in the world has no phone lines [skype]. The largest hospitability business in the world owns no hotels and has no hotel rooms [airbnb]. A completely rewritten planet based on network effect, something very different than the physicality we were used to.

Here’s Brody’s Ted Talk, reflecting on the 2008 end of the Digital Age, which made way for what he calls the “Great Rewrite.

See you in London!

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