Smart Data will help news media organisations monetise their content, Nikolay Malyarov, chief content officer for PressReader said at the 85th INMA World Congress on Sunday.

Today’s audience is more fragmented, more promiscuous in how they consume content, Malyarov said. Today’s readers are everywhere — digital and print.

“Print is still an important part of our operations today,” he said.

For news media companies to successfully monetise content, they must deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right audience, at the right price, on the right channels. The key to reaching these specific marks is Smart Data, not Big Data.

Behavioural analytics methods, such as digital reading map technology, can be applied to traditional channels as well. Understanding how Millennials consume digital content can help drive how news media companies develop print content.

Today’s reader is calling the shots on how content is being consumed and where, Malyarov said. Smart Data can help answer their content and platform wants.