Digital marketing is providing numerous benefits for Gannett.

Amy Leyh, vice president of digital subscription sales and loyalty at Gannett, explained how the company’s embrace of digital marketing has proved beneficial, even if the company is still primarily focused on print.

Using a metered model, 78 of Gannett’s local media sites are digitally monetized.

“We want to make sure our content is available on every platform for consumers,” Leyh said.

Their digital subscription rate has substantially grown in the past few years, with over 50,000 digital-only subscribers. Leyh said they seek to attract digital subscribers through their print media.

Gannett is building on this success by seeking out and attempting to bring back users who abandon subscription pages before making a purchase by using tools such as Google publisher.

“You can really hone in on who you want to target,” Leyh said.

Gannett recently embraced search functionality within their sites, allowing them to focus on branded terms and local advertising.