Juan Señor’s Monday takeaways


Closing out day one of the 82nd INMA World Congress, moderator Juan Señor summarised the day’s top thoughts:

  • It’s all about culture change.
  • You need to take on the big issues to remain relevant.
  • Controversy = conversation.
  • Engagement is key!
  • Right resources, partners, and training to become digitally fit.
  • Growth of mobile will drop newspaper consumption to only 7% of total media intake.
  • Future of journalism will be better than its past.
  • We need to rethink every facet of the journalism model.
  • Is it better to have a stable of focused brands with independent business models?
  • Focus on story page and not so much the homepage.
  • Right form for the right medium.
  • Innovation must be part of an organisation’s DNA.
  • Do not adopt digital — absorb it.
  • 50% of publishers will not make the transition to digital.
  • Can 60% of staff can make the transition to digital?
  • $1 profit today equals $1 of loss in five years.
  • Transition is not transformation.
  • Technology itself is not a solution — quality journalism is the solution.
  • Listen to Aunt Helga — trust in God and good people — talk to your staff.
  • You have to decouple the old organisation from the new one — or you will stay in the middle.
  • Don’t pretend you know what the endgame is. You cannot predict the future.
  • Focus on the customer’s next need, not all their needs.
  • Stick to your knitting; don’t try to be a variety show.
  • Digital only — not digital first.
  • Don’t just be a TV (newspaper) network doing lots of other stuff.
  • The importance of trust.
  • We do not have five years.
  • Become a brand.
  • We need more Tosh.0.
  • NBDB (never been done before) — yes, but only if they pay for it.
  • Do not become a fat cat.
  • If you cannot change yourself, you will not change.
  • Key to success is to bring your staff to the place of renewal.
  • Develop for mobile first.
  • Grow younger, engage and support your audience.
  • It’s about proactive evolution, not desperate revolution.
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