How should news publishers work with Apple and Google?


FFrédéric Filloux lives at the intersection of journalism and technological transformation.

A Paris-based freelance writer and regular contributor to Slate, a media consultant, and a co-author of the influential Web site and e-newsletter Monday Note, Filloux is a former editor for the French free daily 20 Minutes as well as Libération.

His passion for journalism and what happens with the big technology influencers (read Apple, Google, Microsoft) is at the core of what he researches, writes about, and discusses. Often, these technology leaders are the models for publishers in Filloux's eyes — with newspaper publishers scrambling to catch up.

Yet it was the Apple app subscription policy and publishers' private reactions that turned around the value propositions, and this policy and how the super-vendors in our industry will be at the heart of his address to the INMA World Congress Tuesday, May 17, in New York.

It was January 23 when Filloux posted an update to his Monday Note blog that called Apple's app subscription plan as driving large publishing companies “hysterical.” And “rightfully so,” he added. While newspapers built a complete business model for the iPad based on the commercial agreement with Apple, now the California-based company is changing the rules in the worst possible way: “my way or the highway.”

Filloux's Monday Note post gave life to the whispers among newspaper publishers. He later participated in the INMA Roundtable on Tablet Subscriptions in London which garnered global attention.

In New York, INMA has asked Filloux to give his insights on Apple, Google and the publisher relationships. How do news publishers work with these mega-partners who hold massive sway over the evolution of news-on-paper to multi-platform news provider. He will discuss the opportunities and threats to working with Apple and Google.

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