Hindustan Times steps in to resolve community issues



Hindustan Times reaches 20 million print readers, is reaching out to make news better and an actual difference in the community, Shantanu Bhanja, chief digital officer for HT Media, told delegates at the INMA World Congress Brainsnacks session on Sunday.

“As a media group, be the change that you want to see,” Bhanja said.

Bhanja discussed programmes the media company created to help residents of Mumbai, including one that took a portion of incoming profits and helped send 30,000 kids to school for the first time.

Bhanja noted Mumbai as being “one of the dirtiest cities in the world.” The growth of population and lack of help from the government were contributing factors to this problem.

“People have just gotten used to the dirt,” Bhanja said.

As a media company, HT Media wanted to play a serious role in the community, helping solve and raise issues while making news better. Out of this outlook came the “Clean My Mumbai” movement, helping to raise awareness of the issues happening in the city.

Articles were written to show the issues, and 12 weeks of in-depth coverage raised a call to action while “always suggesting possible solutions.”

Bhanja noted that in the last four months, citizens from many different professions have come out together as “clean warriors” to really make a difference in the city.

“They have gone out and felt better — felt themselves having a role in their city” Bhanja said.

Moving to the future, Bhanja said that the company recognises its media group as one that will take action: “Our efforts to keep Mumbai clean will continue.”

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