Harvard professor to discuss disruption of decoupling at INMA World Congress

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


Thales S. Teixeira, a professor at the Harvard University’s business school and expert on the econonics of attention, is one of the keynote speakers at this year’s INMA World Congress, May 21-23, in New York City.

Harvard's Thales Teixeira will speak on Day 1 of INMA's World Congress later this month.
Harvard's Thales Teixeira will speak on Day 1 of INMA's World Congress later this month.

Drawing from his experiences studying three disruption patterns across industries, Teixeira will speak about the latter of the three: decoupling, an emerging new wave of technology-enabled disruption. Digital disruptors decouple, or break links between consumer activities, that have traditionally been offered together, like viewing content and advertising.

At a time when users are disrupting publishers’ advertising revenue models with adblockers or increasingly accessing news on social media, the new theory provides a lens to understand the hidden patterns of these shifts, predict future disruptions, and defend the publishers’ business. For the boldest publishers, this presentation is a recipe how to disrupt others.

INMA international board member and blogger Grzegorz Piechota interviewed Teixeira about his take on the three waves of disruption: Unbundling (Craigslist unbundled classifieds from the newspaper), disintermediation (going directly to the end consumer: media writers became bloggers), and decoupling (consumers no longer want to co-consume: you can now consume content without advertising). Here is that interview: 

See you in New York!

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