Ekstra Bladet bets on e-commerce as major step toward mobile engagement

By Western iMedia



Anders Ovesen, mobile sales manager for Ekstra Bladet in Denmark, discussed the importance of the rising mobile industry for advertising at the 2014 INMA World Congress.

“We strive to educate markets,” Oversen said.

New mobile strategies are providing new ways to utilise payment methods via mobile services and advertisements.

Ovesen introduced a video displaying Natasha Friis, author of a the Twitter book, providing insight to the importance of mobile media commerce.

Friis said that the “future of commerce is tightly connected with the future of payment.”

We are entering a generation where we can’t tell the difference between traditional commerce and e-commerce, Friis said. Research shows the rise in mobile use is positively correlated with the increase in mobile payments.

“Consumers are entering the mobile space at a rapid speed,” Ovesen said. “Mobile payments are on the rise and mobile advertising is still in it’s early stages.”

Using examples, Ovesen illustrated mobile advertising strategies. Wupti is a Danish online electronic company that was executed within 14 days. Wupti used eyetracking to show analysis of where customers eyes are moving on the mobile page.

Results from a Gallup mobile analysis revealed that audiences displayed “43% advertisement recall,” according to Ovesen, adding that “10% of users will take action on behalf of the campaign.”

The media industry will see an increase in mobile sales with the introduction of mobile advertisements.

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