Digital news service Kiosko y Mas increases revenue, registered users

By Western iMedia



Rapidly changing readership habits have become an challenge in distributing content to newly diverse needs of an audience.

Nikolay Malyarov, chief content officer and general counsel for PressReader, discussed how to better distribute content without borders to target a group that is always evolving.

There is a growing generation that tends to be less interested in one particular brand and more in the news that interests them, Malyarov said. To reach this more challenging audience, non-traditional distribution channels have popped up, including places such as Twitter and Facebook, to get content better distributed.

To help with this, Malyarov said that distributors must work together to “cross sell each other.”

Most news companies do not really understand what readers want because of the lack of research done by distributors, Malyarov said. He added that a company should understand its readers and what they are willing to pay for.

He introduced a digital stand news service called Kiosko y Mas, which contains numerous publications under one roof. Kiosko y Mas has spent time and money on research to better understand its readers — and it has paid off.

Since researching, Kiosko y Mas has seen a 72% jump in registered users from its readership, along with doubling its revenue: “The new reality is the constant change,” Malyarov said.

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