Working with Apple or Google requires assessment of difficulties, necessities


As mega-partners of news publishers worldwide, Apple and Google have come to hold massive sway over the industry's evolution from news-on-paper to multiplatform provider, said Frédéric Filloux, editor and author of Monday Note.

Filloux said that, based on his experience, dealing with companies such as Google and Apple is difficult. These large corporations don’t see eye to eye with publishers. Filloux said that Google and Apple bypass relationships with individual publications. They also cannot be counted on to be loyal. “Google is happy to work with you but is also making a deal with someone else,” Filloux said.

Yet collaboration between publishers and these two companies is vital, he said. So the question becomes, “How do they see us?”

Filloux said Apple and Google view publishers as geared only to compete rather than collaborate. Old media rather than new media  dominates. And they see the industry's unions as a problem because of their large influence in company decisions.

Publishers don't view Google and Apple any more positively, Filloux said, using words such as arrogant, condescending, wealthy, nervy and "contract nuts."

“They are alien to the notion of value of content,” Filloux noted in particular.

Therefore, working with Google and Apple is going to take collaboration from both sides.

But at least there is some motivation when it comes to Google, Filloux said, since publications and Google cannot function without each other. “We want the traffic and they are unable to have information sources and high value of content without publications,” he said. “We need to try and learn more and realize that failure in an option.”

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