Bloomberg Media shares 4 key digital video strategies

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


Josh Rucci, general manager and global head of Bloomberg Media, has this advice for news media companies navigating the world of digital video: Realise the talent you have and use it. 

Rucci detailed the media companys four key digital video strategies explained at the INMA World Congress in London, starting with existing talent:

  1. Leverage your existing talent to create digital video: “We’ve had some of our print reports serve as hosts for our digital video series. We’ve had some of our radio reporters create hits that go out on digital platforms.”

  2. Hire in digitally native talent: “We’ve really focused on digitally native companies and hired staff that have come from the likes of Vox, from the likes of Mashable, from the likes of MSN, who really understand the digital video experience and making that experience accessible and integrated with the rest of our platforms.”

  3. Focus on distribution: “Digital video is critical across desktop as well as mobile. Also, it’s a valuable part of our business outside of our own platform.”

  4. Understanding content is key: “What we’re looking for is premium content that sits in that sweet spot between sponsors and editorial.”

Watch Ruccis video interview for specific examples of the companys video success.

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