Big Data advice? Ask, measure, learn

Need help getting your arms around what Big Data means for a publisher?

Lutz Finger, author of Ask, Measure, Learn and co-founder of Singapore-based Fisheye Analytics, will break it into manageable components, creating a strategy, and defining success.

Lutz will speak at the INMA World Congress in San Francisco later this month, highlighting best-practice media companies implementing Big Data.

Here are his thoughts on the subject from an interview earlier this year:

“You go to people and they say, ‘Big Data ... Big Data gives me big solutions,’ but they don’t know what those solutions are. The trick is actually not the data, not the technology ... the problem actually is the question. What do you want to solve?”

Finger explains the title of his book:

Ask: This is the most important — trying to understand what you want to do.

Measure: Finding the right data, the right metrics.

Learn: Implementing what you learn through organisation change or other transitions.

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