Bundling advertising packages was a game-changer for Globe and Mail


Andree Gosselin O’Meara
Andree Gosselin O’Meara

Many publications today have experienced financial deficit through the loss of advertising revenue. The Globe and Mail, a Canadian news publication, overcame the odds by capitalising on new mobile app products and creating unique sponsorship packages for advertisers.

"It completely changed the game for us," said Andree Gosselin O’Meara of The Globe and Mail.

Gosselin said that they have been in the mobile business for over four years, but never saw much fiscal success. Last July, however, they made the switch to creating tablet applications and decided to bundle advertising options, creating exclusive sponsorship packages. After nearly a four-year dry spell in advertising revenue, the sponsorship packages sold to three different companies within 24 hours.

“Since then we have been able to sell most all of our inventory quite well,” Gosselin said.

The Globe and Mail offers a variety of formats to their advertisers. The packages include full-page ads as well as banner ads, and they are available across multiple mobile devices. Gosselin said that through the bundles, advertisers gained a unique opportunity to participate in the iPad launch as well as strong marketing in print and online, and they were willing to pay a premium for it.

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