3 keys to data strategy success at Singapore Press Holdings

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


The data team at Singapore Press Holdings is made up of eight members and is 2 years old, Anthony Tan, executive vice president/Chinese media, at the news media company explained at the INMA World Congress in London

The team did an interesting project with print subscriber data, diving in with Google maps to measure the media company’s untapped potential in demand for its print product.

“We identified areas in Singapore where the circulation team could go into to further maximise the number of subscriptions we have,” Tan said.

Journalists are also taking advantage of SPH’s data strategy, checking instantly how a video or article is playing with the audience, then adjusting said content.

Tan has three recommendations for media companies working on their data strategy:

  1. Take the time to clean your data.

  2. Create a data collection system that’s flexible.

  3. Sell employees on the value of data.

The third is vital, Tan said: “People have to feel that data can help them make better decisions.”

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