VG uses video billboards to keep its content top of mind

By Camilla Brække


Oslo, Norway


By Hilde Gammelsæter


Oslo, Norway is the top destination for news in Norway — a position we do not take for granted. Our purpose and mission are to empower Norwegians with world-class journalism. In a fragmented media landscape, we want to make it easier for Norwegians to consume VG news. Therefore, we are now also bringing our news into the public space.

Editorial video-driven news concepts from VG are now dominating urban environments in Norway. They air on more than 1,000 public digital screens. VG is out on the streets; in public transportation areas, shopping centres, airports, waiting areas, and schools; and on trains and boats. This makes us a part of people’s daily lives.

This new partnership puts VG on thousands of digital screens across Norway.
This new partnership puts VG on thousands of digital screens across Norway.

So, what does innovation have to do with this project? Innovation is a confusing word, but we can all agree that it is important. If you ask 10 different people how they define innovation, you will probably get 10 different answers.

An academic understanding of the goal of innovation is that it is to create value, either economic, social, or other forms of value. A key question could then be: How do you maximise the value that is being created — and how do you capture some of this value? In an industry where changes happen rapidly, we believe one way is by combining forces.

VG and JcDecaux innovate together

Historically, VG has had a solid presence outdoors with the newspaper and VG logo displayed in public areas. To secure VG’s future position and create top-of-mind awareness among Norwegians, we believe it is crucial to find new ways to be present in public and not only be the best news provider in the pocket.

This is why we teamed up with JcDecaux, the world’s largest outdoor advertising company. Traditionally, commercials dominate digital surfaces. By collaborating, we are changing this and giving the people out on the streets a new value proposition, in addition to all the commercials.

What kind of news?

VG has a rich menu to offer digital screens, with a broad range of content. Our multi-use video concepts such as VG News, our explainer videos, entertainment shows, and financial news (E24) are now present on JcDecaux’s huge screens across Norway.

Maximising value

Torgeir Johannessen, JcDecaux’s sales director in Norway, elaborates on the co-operation with VG this way: “Introducing high-quality editorial content to our 100% commercial screens benefits our different partners and stakeholders. Advertisers benefit from even more relevant screen content, and our landlords and partners appreciate the added benefits for their visitors and passengers.”

The project has been meaningful for both VG and JcDecaux because everybody receives value. People are informed and empowered, the digital screens increase in value, and VG maintains its goal to inform while also building that top-of-mind position.

Building brand awareness and top of mind

VG has a strong reputation, and we work hard every day to maintain it. We believe creating and capturing value together with companies such as JcDecaux makes a difference for both companies.

VG is everywhere, which means it is top of mind for many people.
VG is everywhere, which means it is top of mind for many people.

Learning and exploring together

Together with these companies, we create synergies in an industry where changes happen rapidly. Together we are exploring new ways to create and capture value. It is a valuable path of learning that is far from over. We still have a lot to learn, and we are looking forward to doing it together.

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