Livestreaming, podcasts engage audiences, offer seamless ad opportunities

By Augusto Ghigliotti


Buenos Aires, Argentina


The evolution of news consumption demands a certain synergy between old and new media channels — a smart, well-planned, and strategic synergy.

Editorial groups have correctly adjusted to the influence of social media on the media news environment. However, the value generated by alternative channels like livestreaming and podcasts is paramount.

These platforms offer unique engagement opportunities and cater to the preferences of the new audience in an increasingly digital age, which generates premium editorial content and valuable journalistic reports.

Podcasts offer an immediacy and relevancy previous media formats did not offer.
Podcasts offer an immediacy and relevancy previous media formats did not offer.

They also provide distinctive opportunities for integrating advertising in ways that enhance rather than detract from the user experience.

The rise of livestreaming in news

Livestreaming has become a vital tool for news distribution, enabling coverage of events as they happen. This immediacy is one of the most significant advantages of livestreaming, offering viewers an unfiltered and real-time view of current events.

For news media, this means delivering breaking news, live updates, and real-time analysis directly to viewers, fostering trust and immediacy.

Real-time analysis of news helps foster trust with audiences.
Real-time analysis of news helps foster trust with audiences.

There are several advantages of livestreaming:

  • Immediacy and engagement: Livestreaming allows news organisations to broadcast events as they happen, providing audiences with immediate access to news or interviews in real time. For instance, platforms like YouTube Live have enabled reporters to stream live from the scene, or on Twitch, broadcast live interviews for a sports editorial group like from Argentina.
  • Interactivity: Livestreaming also introduces an element of interactivity that traditional broadcasts lack. Viewers can be active participants of the livestream, which allows them to comment, ask questions, and engage with the content in real time. This interaction allows news organisations to analyse audience reactions and measure what’s effective and what’s not.
  • Accessibility: Livestreaming has become more accessible with high-speed connections and better smartphones. People can tune in from anywhere worldwide, ensuring news is not confined by geographical boundaries.

Podcasts: a growing force in news media

Podcasts have also become key players in the news ecosystem niche. They offer a flexible way for audiences to stay informed, with the possibility of including in-depth analysis and storytelling.

There are numerous advantages of using podcasts:

  • Convenience: One of the primary advantages of podcasts is their convenience. Listeners can consume content while running errands, exercising, or doing household tasks. This flexibility has made news podcasts popular. Plus, they often offer expert interviews with deeper insights than traditional news segments.
  • Intimacy and connection: Podcasts create a sense of intimacy between the host and the listener. The conversational tone and personal storytelling strengthen the connection and sense of loyalty. This generates engagement and a more dedicated audience base.
  • Diverse perspectives: Podcasts bring in voices you don’t always hear in mainstream media. Shows like The Daily and Up First in the United States, Las Noticias de Infobae in Argentina, and Milenio Podcast in Mexico prove how well they can inform on all sorts of topics.
Podcasts streamed around the world in a variety of languages feature people and stories sidelined by mainstream news.
Podcasts streamed around the world in a variety of languages feature people and stories sidelined by mainstream news.

In today’s news landscape, integrating livestreaming and podcasts into traditional media channels offers a lucrative opportunity for revenue and growth. By leveraging these platforms’ unique engagement potential, news organisations can reach new audiences and foster loyalty among existing ones.

Here’s how this can be achieved:

  • Expand audience reach and foster loyalty: Utilise livestreaming and podcasts to attract younger audiences and retain existing ones, and build loyalty through engaging content.
  • Cross-channel flow strategy: Integrate digital and physical channels to provide a comprehensive news experience. Offering different platforms, such as livestreaming, podcasts, or special editions for significant events, enhances value for subscribers and advertisers.
  • Journalist team as influencers: Showcase journalists in livestreams and podcasts, which cultivates trust and engagement with the audience. This personal connection humanises the brand, allowing audiences to connect with the faces behind the news, thus fostering an authentic and loyal relationship with the media outlet.

Integrating advertising while maintaining user experience

Both livestreaming and podcasts offer unique opportunities for integrating advertising in ways that can boost rather than disrupt the user experience.

Here are some strategies:

  • Native advertising: Native ads blend right in with the content, making them super effective. Think of sponsored segments or branded content in livestreams that fit right in with the topic. For podcasts, ads read by the host in the same style as the show feel less like interruptions.
  • Sponsorships and branded content: It’s a win-win with sponsorships. Brands get visibility while supporting awesome content. Take a news podcast, for example: It might team up with a sponsor that shares the values and vision, making the ad feel totally relevant.
  • Interactive and dynamic ads: Advertisers use livestreaming’s interactive nature to create engaging ads. For instance, a livestream might feature a brand-sponsored poll, prompting viewers to interact with the ad content. This engagement makes ads feel like part of the experience, not a distraction.
  • Ad-free premium options: Subscriptions without ads suit those wanting uninterrupted experiences, generating revenue while ensuring seamless viewing or listening. This tailored approach fosters a stronger relationship with your audience by aligning with their preferences for a more immersive experience.


The rise of livestreaming and podcasts has significantly transformed the news media landscape, offering immediacy, accessibility, and a more personalised news consumption experience.

These platforms also provide innovative opportunities for integrating advertising in ways that focus on the user experience, which is crucial. For media news organisations to effectively connect with modern audiences, embracing these alternative channels is vital.

Understanding and leveraging the strengths of livestreaming and podcasts enables media companies to stay relevant and cultivate stronger connections with their audiences.

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