How AI can enhance the newsroom

By Philippe Guay


New York


When I was a kid, I loved the Jetsons. The appeal about the show came from picturing this amazing future filled with robot maids and flying cars. And, of course, who wouldn’t want a talking dog?

The great thing is we are almost there. We have robotic vacuums clean our homes, and Audi has just secured a deal with the German government to test a flying car. Very little progress has been made on the talking dog, but I’m still holding out hope.

Automating some newsroom activities with smart software is beneficial.
Automating some newsroom activities with smart software is beneficial.

The fact is, even though the show is set in 2062, we are closer than ever to that future becoming a reality. And what leads the way is workplace automation through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

When we think of automation in the workplace, for some, alarm bells start to ring. But when it comes to AI, most fears are … well … artificial. A study conducted by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation found technology such as AI is actually disrupting a record low number of jobs in the United States.

So, if the robots aren’t coming for our jobs, what are they doing? Think about the robotic vacuum. If you have one, you didn’t get it to replace anyone’s job. You got it so you can be more productive and make your life easier. That’s what AI in the workplace does. It streamlines workflow, allows us to make better decisions, and lets us focus on the most important tasks.

For example, an AI feature of our video player called SmartMatch reads a publisher’s article and then intelligently selects the best possible piece of content from our video library. This is all done instantly and ensures the most relevant content is in place when the article is published.

This, of course, saves time. Because of the integrated AI, publishers only need one video player code for their entire site. This means editors and writers don’t need to hunt and peck for the right video in our library, but rather automate the one SmartMatch code in all their articles. This not only ensures league official video is in every article improving the user experience but also boosts revenue.

The results have been great. One of our major publishing partners has seen an increase in impressions of more than 18x after implementation across its properties. Along with this, other publishers have seen sports section traffic increase by more than 50%, and user time on page has improved by more than 500%.

SmartMatch hasn’t eliminated anyone’s job. Our partners use it as a tool to increase productivity, improve user experience, and drive revenue. As a matter of fact, especially when you factor the multiple layoffs affecting newsrooms over the last decade, AI has allowed editors to refocus their efforts where it matters. Breaking news, trending stories, and viral content can now become the priority instead of wasting time on routine tasks.

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