VíaPaís returns to goal of becoming national newsroom of choice with in-depth coverage

By Francisco Rivarola

Cimeco (VíaPais)



VíaPaís emerged as a clear project. We intended it to be a network of interconnected newsrooms throughout Argentina, publishing articles that would interest local readers and offering a flow of national and international news on various topics.

Those of us who have been here since its inception knew the objective was to build a mass audience throughout the country. It was clear to us that, to achieve this, we had to involve all our teams: content production, commercial, and technology.

Ultimately, as with any new project, we took it upon ourselves to build the pillars of this highly ambitious project, although we didn’t know when we would reach audience success.

VíaPaís has evolved over the years, but it has never lost sight of its intention of connecting Argentina with national and international news while also surfacing locally relevant stories.
VíaPaís has evolved over the years, but it has never lost sight of its intention of connecting Argentina with national and international news while also surfacing locally relevant stories.

During the first years, we focused on the fact that this federal network of newsrooms began to germinate, consolidating very important newsrooms in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, and Rosario. At the same time, smaller newsrooms developed in all the Argentine provinces. At that point we began to reap the first journalistic fruits. 

Although they weren’t quite mature, they were a good indication the steps we were taking were getting us closer to our goal.

Basing ourselves in the audiences analysis process, we glimpsed many peaks in certain kinds of content that we published on our social networks. We decided to promote that content and carefully study how our audience reacted to it. We were able to establish certain behaviour patterns. With that information, we generated content that boosted traffic and monetisation — two fundamental pillars for any communication media.

We could say we became experts in the production of attractive content for social networks’ search engines. Although this exercise required a great effort of analysis and production from our teams, we never abandoned the idea of replicating this success in national political, economic, general information, and police stories. We sought the success of the team in charge of publishing life stories of ordinary people who carry out extraordinary actions.

The years went by. We reached traffic and monetisation peaks aligned with our initial expectations. As part of this growth plan, in 2023, we relaunched the objective of becoming the national newsroom for political, economic, police, and general information.

With that new mission, we want to win over readers with news that interests them. We’re not only telling what happened, but we’re trying to enumerate the whys, the hows, and what will happen from there.

The first goal of this team is to provide the site with national journalistic depth and not get into the ring to compete blow-by-blow with the big media by publishing the same articles. Instead, they’re trying to find a B side or an explainer. They also began to publish articles with economic analyses, personal stories, interviews, and coverage of emblematic cases.

A little less than five months after starting this experience we already have some interesting measurements indicating the daily work we are doing is coming together. We began measuring the success of this new role for the team with our own KPIs. We noticed an interesting improvement in our users, sessions, and bounce rates.

At the same time, we improved our performance on Google, where at least two in-depth articles each month climbed to the top 20 on Google Search and one article per month reached the top 40 on Google Discover.

It is also an indication of success that users reach VíaPaís by searching for information on Google or that the search engine itself recommends our content.

For us, this is great news. Throughout the years, we have never stopped looking for the best ways to grow. Sometimes it’s with greater or lesser efficiency, but it’s always with great determination and a work philosophy that continues to flow between the different teams that, day by day, make VíaPaís continue to grow.

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